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Considering all of the cheating and stealing that went on with our opponent, it is amazing and encouraging that we did get so many votes for McCAIN-PALIN. I know we have to work as a grass-roots organization but we also have some other battles to fight or a lot of our efforts could very well be wasted. Some things I think that we will have to be vigilant about and get out a calling campaign to our representatives both Dem and Rep are:
1.) The Fairness Doctrine–which will silence a lot of our efforts to get the message out by eliminating talk radio and Fox News (don’t think for a minute that it will affect the MSM–it won’t)
2.) Amnesty for illegal-aliens which will eliminate all but one party in our country
3.) The Freedom of Choice Act: This Bill if made law will supersede all state laws which place restrictions on abortion. This law will make abortion on demand a fundamental right in the United States regardless of age or of the viability of the baby. This law will remove all state and federal protections to doctors who refuse to perform abortions whether on moral or religious grounds.
4.) Voting rights for felons–also mostly Obama voters (there is a surprise)

Anyway, we must be vigilant and get the word out to everyone to call and call again; write and write again EVERY state senator and house representative to keep these bills from becoming law.