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Over 7 years since an attack from the Islamic Radical Lunatics on our country. Many would not give him the credit and many blame him for the crisis and for B.O.’s election win when those of us with more than half a brain understand that he is a large reason our country has been kept safe from the virgin-seeking crazies that wish death on a world that refuses to worship their idiotic fabrication of a war lord; God would never demand what they demand from the human race. He created free will so we would choose to love Him–not be forced to! What good is forced love? That’s right, it is useless. Keeping us safe in itself was a feat worth infinite praise. Bush has said nothing amidst the far looney left’s blabbering accusations and distracting bloviation about sins they, themselves have committed. It was Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, and all the other far left bozos (including our illustrious president-elect) who voted against the regulations that encouraged and forced sub-prime lending from the banks. Then when it collapses, they blame the Republicans and Bush. Sad thing, is, the lemming non-reading, non-researching public actually, in a messianic fashion, believed them! Ach! They will get what they deserve. I’d like to have a film of their faces when B.O. pulls the plugs on all of them and taxes them into oblivion. If it would not also hurt me and mine, I would actually think it funny.