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I think Sarah will run for president in 2012. It will be a good fight but we are starting now so we should have a good chance against B.O., Acorn, Soros, and whatever other corruption the dems have in mind. I am sure they will legalize alien and felon voting–that is why we must be vigilant. Really, I should work on gathering the congress representatives from every state and corner of this country with telephone and numbers to call in case B.O. or his minions try to pull something fast. I’m sure he’ll “attach” it to something else or “call it” something other than it is. Sarah has put up with so much of dem-dirt and taken it in classy style. They are so threatened by her–even now after the election!!! She is still being trashed by the radical left and the Judas right. I hope that Michael Steele does a much better job of helping to organize the fight for conservatives.


I like very much that the honest and transparent Democrats have joined Republicans to make the “New Conservative Movement” in this country. I hope we can defeat the evil planned by the lunatic fringe.

Sarah Palin has executive experience and will have more of it by the time she runs. If she’s smart, she’ll get in Congress in the next two years. Yes, she has executive experience but a talk show host made a good point today…executive experience in a state like Alaska and showing her maverick, no-holds barred attitude toward Washington will hold her in good stead for the next election if she is in the Senate. She can build up a voting record that supports rather than belies (as does B.O.’s) her honest and forthright agenda. Congress would not change her but she’d change Congress.