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We've paid a high price for our freedom.

The Raising of Our Flag. (Iwo Jima WW2)

We’ve paid a high price for our freedom.

Senator Charles Schumer (D) said, “If it wasn’t for the first amendment, we could get a lot done.”


Thankfully there are people who are aware of what is happening and what can happen. I’m watching a film called A Scanner Darkly. I did not realize it was animated but it is animated in the same way the Charles Schwab commercials are–very realistic. Anyway it is about a totally government controlled society–from the case: “…a government that cheerfully destroys its citizens–their rights, their relationships–in order to save them.” Every character is exceedingly paranoid. Cell phones calls are monitored, people are followed, computers register every move, every statement, people turn in other people and 20% of the population is hooked on “Substance D.” The film immediately reminded me of some articles I’ve read recently. It also reminded me of the only Communist country I’ve ever visited–Cuba.

Tidbits about Cuba: In Cuba, on every other street stand soldiers with machine guns. If in public, opinions best not be shared for safety’s sake. If you are “speeding” or should I say, “perceived to be speeding,” you would be stopped by policemen standing on the side of the road who were the ones perceiving. If the speed limit were 40 and you were perceived to be going 41, you got a sizable penalty–$10. Ten dollars, for most folks, represented a month’s wages (this was in the year 2000). If you had a restaurant, you could only “own” 49% of it. The government owned 51%. You could not own your own home. If you wanted a different home–you could only have an occasional opportunity to “swap” with someone else. The downtown of Havana looked beautiful. It wasn’t. The fronts of buildings were diversions for the crumbling interiors. When we were there, citizens were allowed to open their home as a restaurant if no one except their family worked there. We ate at a few and the food was excellent. Not so the government “owned” restaurants. The Cuban food we know here is not what it is there. What we have here is probably what Cuban fare used to taste like.

Now to my point–events are becoming more and more frequent (if one is paying attention)–where citizens are losing their freedom of speech. I’ll site two recent examples, but there are more and they seem to be happening more frequently.

1.) http://www.newsobserver.com/news/durham/story/1292635.html

2.) http://www.thomasmore.org/qry/page.taf?id=1

Watch carefully as the so-called “Fairness Doctrine’ episodes come to a congress near you. Some have said that the stock-pile of guns are a reaction to the Obama presidency and the understanding that our First Amendment rights are indeed waning. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081108/ap_on_re_us/obama_gun_sales

Additionally, we have the ” Employees Free Choice Act” grossly misnamed, like the “Fairness Doctrine”:
God help us and God Bless America