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Pelosi, Schumer and Kerry…now there is a trio of brilliance! The three (among many libs) are incensed about conservative talk radio and are desperate to destroy it. An example of what we have to look forward to:


What do we have to combat this? Although Michael Savage (conservative talk radio host) received some information telling him that the president could just order the FCC to reinstate the Un-Fairness Doctrine, I do not believe that is correct. Other sources disagree and purport that the movement would need to go through the legislature. If this is the case, I truly think we’d have a fighting chance to do a calling campaign to representatives to put it down. There are literally millions who listen to Michael alone–over 60 million. Then find listeners to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Mike Gallagher, Michael Medved, Sandy Rios and many others who filled the airwaves since Reagan vetoed the Doctrine.


What else do we have to look forward to fighting? Presently, we need to be fighting for the races in Minnesota–Franken the Fool/Soros hand-puppet and Martin–the Obama plant in Georgia. We can do that by calling on voters to support Chambliss whose race does not end until December 2nd.

I hate to sound depressing but I doubt it will do any good. Soros will buy those seats like he bought the presidency. He is an evil, evil man. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when he rots in hell. Far left loony liberals are without morals which is the direction they will take the country. Once the Dems have a filibuster proof legislature, we are doomed as a country. It was opined on Fox last night that Obama may start centrist with what he pushes through Congress. So the beginning of 2009 will seem wonderful with B.O. like a savior for those suffering in this economy. As time goes on, however, he’ll feel the pressure to pay back his cronies for their favors in getting him elected. These favors will be the Fairness Doctrine, the abominable Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) (for killing babies at any time in their gestation), and the union vote check. The Libs have waited so long for their agenda items, we are in danger of them bottlenecking them through Congress especially if there is nothing to stop them. My faith still remains in the American people who are still 57% conservative. Here’s hoping and praying they will rise up and fight when the time comes.

I was thinking about San Francisco today and how much it has gone down hill (no pun intended!). SF used to be my favorite city. Their Representative is the whacky Pelosi, the Mayor is Twosome-Newsom. It is a Sanctuary City for illegals, there are radical gays rioting and it is rampant with crime, plus it is swarming with liberals. I worry about my stepson living there.


We have an incredible battle coming our way and we need a leader who will fight for conservative values.


Here’s hoping it will be Sarah Palin.