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It’s easy to blame George W. Bush and Republicans for everything wrong with our country when, in fact, much of what has happened has little to do with only our president and/or the Republican party. For example, it is true that a majority of Republicans in the House and Senate voted in 1999 to repeal part of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 but this repeal was {also, take note} eventually signed by President Clinton.

The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in the United States and included banking reforms, some of which were designed to control speculation.[1] Some provisions such as Regulation Q, which allowed the Federal Reserve to regulate interest rates in savings accounts, were repealed by the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980. Provisions that prohibit a bank holding company from owning other financial companies were repealed on November 12, 1999, by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which passed the U.S. Senate in one form on a party-line vote of 54 (53 Republicans and 1 Democrat) to 44 (all Democrats) and on a 343-86 vote in a different form in the House of Representatives, before being resolved by a joint conference committee; the conference report was approved by both houses of Congress (Senate: 90-8-1, House: 362-57-15) and signed by President Bill Clinton.[2][3]

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass-Steagall_Act

And then when we had an opportunity to put some regulations back on the banks, we had Obama, ACORN and the Dems (including many of the foxes presently in charge of the monetary hen house) publicly ridiculing anyone who tried. The Democratic Congress pressured the banks to give loans to people who could not possibly handle a mortgage or the banks would be faced with charges and possibly litigation for discrimination. But all of this is old news to anyone who has paid attention and clearly over 50% of the population has NOT been paying attention. Additionally, we have a leftist media that is corrupt and biased beyond any propaganda in any dictatorship. And now we have a president elected on lies, hype and foreign funds who will give the masses what they’ve asked for.
But I digress…Bush has been everyone’s scapegoat from David Letterman to Sean Penn to Hugo Chavez. I, for one am very tired of it. No wonder Barbara Bush has a one inch hole in her stomach from ulcers…how would you feel if your son was repeatedly crucified by the liberal MSM? A bumper sticker I’d like to wear on my car says, “I’ll be as respectful of YOUR president as YOU were of MINE.”

So let’s talk about our INCOMING president. Mr. Change thus far has not changed anything…it is business as usual. Even he has himself said, “How can you expect me to have new faces? I mean all these people are from the last Democrat administration, that happens to be the Clinton administration. I have to get people in here who know what they’re doing.” Can you say, “INEXPERIENCED”? How about choosing new thinkers as you like to feel you are? He’s surrounded himself with holdovers from the Clinton era. As Rush mentioned today–his choices are proving that Hillary should have been president! Incredibly predictable that his Cabinet and other choices are from the far left to the left…no real moderates, so my question is: How is that change? It is not. And what about “the man who crosses the aisle” (a false claim he wore as his moniker)? In his cabinet outside of the temporary appointment of Gates, who has he chosen not in his own party? (Gates will be held over for a year, in my opinion, so that the inexperience of this president doesn’t muck up the end of the war)


Oh! And speaking of the war on terror, do you find it interesting that B.O. responds to the terrorist acts in India with a commitment to root out terror wherever it is? Strong words for a “rhetorically competent-reality incompetent” wimp. What ever happened to the “they’ll make nice to us if we make nice to them” philosophy? Could the gripping fear of realism be descending on the sacred Holy One?


From Michelle Malkin:

Now, at long last, some liberals have realized that the sacred goal of “regain[ing] America’s moral stature in the world,” as Obama put it, may be less important than ensuring that al Qaeda killers don’t strike on American ground again.

Viva la Hope and Change!

Closer to home, something VERY cool that will happen is that Sarah Palin plans to travel to Georgia on Monday to help Saxby Chambliss in the run-off race for his senate seat.


Go Sarah! Get that exposure! Does the woman know her power? She could be the difference between winning and losing for Saxby…ya THINK?