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Listening to a recent talk radio comment about the upcoming presidency, I heard a description of B.O. as someone who monitors situations. And it is true, he has monitored various events since he came onto the political scene . When the attack occurred in Georgia, his comment was neither support nor condemnation–it was like the famous “present” vote in the senate he’s been noted for over 100 times. Similarly, he has professed his desire to connect with dictators without concession. All statements easy to make when he is not on the hot seat. And it is easy to criticize our current president (“more of the same”) when he is busy doing nothing about world events. Monitoring situations no longer works when you are in charge.

Reports have been rampant about attacks to our country being “on the way.” One can’t help but wonder how in hell we’ve escaped attacks these last several years..it couldn’t have been Bush’s leadership or savvy, no…it must have been luck. Then our luck has just run out, comrades. Ninety days at most before the next widespread attack…



How DOES the community organizer handle a terrorist attack? Many would like to know…



And let’s enter the Blagosphere…is anyone interested in how B.O. might be connected with Blagojevich? B.O. and Blago come from the same dirty politics as Daley and the rest of the Chicago Machine.


B.O. supported Blago after he was elected governor and has had many conversations with him. B.O. has denied this but unfortunately for him, it is on tape. All of the MSM is rushing to his defense–amazing that B.O. is the one “clean” politician to ever come out of Chicago politics.

Rahm Emanuel, B.O.’s chief of staff who replaced Blago in his senate seat, had several conversations with Blago about B.O.’s former seat in the senate. Did Rahn’s little tantrum with the reporter show us we’ve hit a nerve even asking the question?


There are many tentacles from the Blago scandal leading back to Obama. Obama worked with Blago on the governor’s campaign as a top advisor in his first run while a top strategist in his final and successful gubernatorial run. But we will all have to listen to the Obama-dance not by him (he remains eerily silent) but by all of those rushing to “cover” and protect him..the MSM even avoids using the words “Democrat” when discussing Blago and everyone surrounding him from Axelrod to the Huffington Post are SURE Obama is the singularly clean Chicago politician.

And even if U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald does find something in Obama’s past that proves wrongdoing, will we:

1.) Ever hear about it OR

2.) Will they buy their way around it like they bought the White House?