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Al Franken, like B.O. , has bought his senate position. I have no doubt that Soros is behind it.


The frightening thing is that unlike B.O., we KNOW all about Franky’s past and it is indeed a horror show much more scary than Mary Stewart’s famous thriller novel. Like the reinvention of a pseudo man (Frankenstein), Franky has tried to reinvent himself into someone who is worthy of respect–a real “human” being kind of guy. But those of us who have been around awhile know who he really is: this time truth is more terrifying than fiction.


After the debate was over and the Media had turned off their microphones and cameras, Franken rushed over to Senator Norm Coleman’s table and proceeded to angrily get in his face over some point or another made during the debate. Franken was getting so angry that his own wife had to rush over and force him to back off from a mounting confrontation with Coleman.Imagine having a man this easily provoked to rage sitting in what is supposed to be the most deliberative body in the world? Perhaps we might find a mentally unstable fellow like Franken becoming the next Preston Brooks should we be unfortunate enough to have him elected to the Senate? (Newsbusters.org)

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Of course there is so much more…Franken has had many inappropriate and sexist comments on his radio show. Publicly, he is a pariah.


Is there anything the Democrats do that is actually on the up and up? Do they have even one moral fiber? Not that I’ve seen.