My first concern is how to fight the smear campaign that has preceded her, still exists now as if to stave off her chances and will continue to dodge her when she runs. The left and Soros’ money will fill up public ads with misinformation about her. What can we do to combat that? If you don’t believe this, check out the following:

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Because of who she is, Sarah is the best hope for America:

Governor Palin is a tough executive and has brought Republicans and Democrats together within her own Administration. She challenged the influence of the big oil companies and fought for new energy resources while fighting for the development of new energy resources. Palin challenged a corrupt system and passed a landmark ethics reform bill. She used her veto power to cut budgetary spending. Her experience in shaking up the status quo is exactly what is needed in Washington today.And, last, but not least, she is the head of Alaska’s National Guard and a mother of a soldier herself understanding the importance of supporting our troops. (The above is paraphrased from McCain’s first announcement speech about Sarah as his running mate.)

Without her or someone very much like her, if there is anything left of America after B.O., it won’t withstand another “Washington-as-usual” politician.

I’m talking about having an armor of defense to defeat the evil that will be waiting. The LIBS developed a plan for “The One” for several years and put it into action and because of Axelrod and many like him–they won. I know in this last election, the white house was bought and a lot of cheating went on but even still, they will be next to impossible to beat so conservatives must be VERY unified and VERY ready.

Conservatives need someone like Axelrod to be working OUR side. His scruples have been questioned, but something I do know is that he brilliantly executed B.O.’s campaign. He was the mastermind behind the win. Who is there on the side of conservatives that can do that for us?
—-I’d be willing to work towards paying this person anything s/he’d want or need–to get that kind of 24-7 drive that Axelrod has.
—-Next, or maybe even before then, how can rules be orchestrated to change the reporting for contributions? B.O. got in from Soros’s over-contributing illegally but along with the donating foreign groups, he hid behind the loophole of reporting whose credit card was being charged with each donation. These are the behind-the-scenes actions that need to take place now. B.O. can’t be allowed to hide illegal money coming in during the next election.
—-In addition, a small group must work in each state to begin now to investigate voting rules and regs and how secure they are–how ACORN-proof they are? What can be done in each state to preclude ACORN from stealing votes?

—-Another “before the campaign activity” needs to be–who in each state can be the point person to get out letters to all representatives toward strong opposition to amnesty for illegals and voting rights for felons (automatic Democrat votes).
—Can those same people be a watch-dog for The Fairness Doctrine that will keep the conservative message from getting past the MSM? We must fight this from taking place and we can do it partially through writing/calling campaigns.

Can we get a small grassroots group IN EACH STATE for these kinds of things that will help pave the road for Sarah and the congressional support she will need?

This website can help:

–Lastly, can we get the ear of Shaun Hannity, Glen Beck, Michael Medved, Mike Gallagher, Greta Van Sustern, etc? Who do we have who is a high enough connection that could regularly help get the word out.

In my opinion, a best-case scenario would be for Sarah to get exposure in Congress as a senator. I don’t know if this can or will happen. The MSM is STILL hammering at her.

The fight in 2012 won't be easy.

The fight in 2012 won't be easy.

If we love our country and care what happens in the future, we have to start now.