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Now in the unfortunate circumstance of Obama’s entry to our White House, the need for concerted action has become more urgent than ever! W.A.M. is proud of the American spirit as we watch more volunteers sign in everyday to help the cause of REFORM. It will now take all of US acting in concert to curb US free fall into chaos.

Some, who were diligent in our pre-election efforts – with less than successful results – might now consider the business of Washington out of our hands. Nothing could be further from the truth. The cause of REFORM is being most seriously challenged by the “1 Party system” we see taking over US policies – and most particularly our pocketbooks!

Our way of life is now being tested with thoughtless “bail out” packages, being unscrupulously dictated by Obama’s Congress and marketed to US by the mainstream media – without even the decency to inform US of exactly what we’ll be handing out – or specifically to whom – via unprecedented “Crisis Mismanagement” in our name – and for which we’ll being paying a heavy toll for countless years to come.

The Media supports Pelosi’s outlandish claim that “80% of Americans support Obama’s Recovery Plan. They may not know the specifics but they like the brand!” These are false claims and we in W.A.M. know it – and they are being used by the current un-democratic DC leadership to pressure the entire GOP party to just “go along with the program.”

This week Obama is taking his snake oil campaign to the GOP House of Representatives Caucus – to persuade and press for more swift complete submission to his staggering, sloppily assembled barrels of socialism and pork. His mouthpieces (N. Pelosi and Barney Frank) have the audacity to insist ALL OF THIS STAGGERING, UNACCOUNTED FOR SPENDING-which covers an umbrella of other hidden agendas – be passed by our House of Representatives within the coming week.

Let’s not allow this to happen. There’ll be no turning the clock back once it’s too late.

W.A.M. website now has a prepared letter to GOP House members – along with the names of those who represent your own district and state. We are also busy assembling their contact information so you, as a citizen, can speak your mind on this “Great Bail Out of Bundled Money”

Our joint efforts to contact GOP Representatives will assert loud and clear We the People do not agree – regardless of the phony polls and Obama’s slick marketing.

Only ten minutes of your time now will build momentum for more clarity, transparency and sanity in the contents of this hectic rush of legislation. Come to W.A.M. website, where you will find sample letters; to whom to send it; and how to reach them. Please phone, FAX or write the GOP Representatives in your home state to insist they engage in immediate pro-active counter-measures to assure transparency and due diligence in Obama’s so-called “Recovery Plan.”