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I’m reading a great book by Mark Steyn–pre-Obama–called America Alone: The End of The World As We Know It. It is a frighteningly real non-fiction portrayal of where we are headed in this country and why. Even more so are we headed there now that B.O. is in power. Steyn’s recent blog statement pretty much sums up the premise of the book. We are so worried about offending anyone (and increasingly so through accumulating societal mores), that we are PC’ing our way into ineptness in defending ourselves or worse, protecting our Bill of Rights. As Steyn puts it, “…Our society is closer to the sedated illusory security of the airline cabins on the morning of 9/11…” In addition, the population of Islam is increasing throughout the world and all others are decreasing in every country except America. (Frankly, I’m a little worried about which populations are increasing in this country…not sure if it is not those who will be born and grow up with their hand permanently outstretched for a government check…).


“Political correctness must be undermined at every opportunity if we are to survive.”

Beyond this are several slights to our freedoms that place us too in that pot slowly beginning to boil. We saw this happening during the Obama campaign. Anyone who disagreed with B.O. was a racist. Any argument was out of line and inappropriate. This is the liberal line of defense. When news reports came out with anything negative about B.O.’s campaign, those news stations were not allowed on his campaign plane. Recently, when reporters had the nerve to ask B.O. a non-adoration question, he chastised them for even asking when his plan was just to, “Say hello.” It was not politically correct to speak beyond “Hi!”

How dare you ask me a challenging question!

How dare you ask me a challenging question!


…..The fact that B.O. is a public servant elected by slightly more than half the population, does not seem to matter to him. He is the “One,” the “Almighty” and “Thou shalt not anger thy false idol.” Obama has spent a lot of time defending any comment coming from the few conservative voices left in the media–political personalities like Limbaugh and Hannity.

Hollywood, Bollywood: broadening the liberal agenda

We learn political correctness in devious, shadowed ways; in fact, we don’t even realize we are learning them. In an article by James Hirsen in Newsmax Magazine, February 2009, Mr. Hirsen discusses Soros (now one of Obama’s financial advisors) funding filmmakers and he mentions the useful tools of propaganda that films can be. Those who do not follow a centrist path in how they obtain their news and those who are gullible and/or who do not follow any news except that which they get through You Tube or entertainment, are easily led by the left loons in Hollywood. Stalin, Fidel and Chavez have used films to their advantage as has the lowly likes of Michael Moore–selling twisted truths in pretty packages. I remember a poem from my college days that had a line, “Kiss Pretty Lies…and Smile With Your Hands…” (author unknown). Yes those films are sexed and spiced to sell propaganda around the far-left agenda and lies but do so in a bright, attractive, beguiling package. Hirsen shares:

“George Soros seems to know an awful lot about cinema propaganda as well. Since the 1990’s, Soros has used his Open Society Institute {there’s another false title–nothing “open” about liberal agendas}to fund documentaries with left-wing content, which include An American Soldier, Why We Fight, Soldiers of Conscience, and The Women of Hezbollah. In true eye-popping propaganda form, they are filled with far-left ideology as well as anti-american narratives and imagery.”

Anne Wilson Schaef, author of the Women Who Do Too Much boxed calendar, from Pageaday.com had a great quote this past Saturday,

” When we use communication to manipulate, control, confuse, and intimidate, we haven’t become good communicators. We have become good tricksters.” Liberals and their false political correctness are moving us toward unconstitutional changes in our life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness; they may put a bow and even a kiss on the lies, but they’re still lies.