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Let’s talk about Baumy’s fascination with Lincoln. He gave a Lincolnesque speech on Lincoln’s bicentennial birthday two weeks ago comparing himself to the great man while trying to appear modest as he put himself in the face of every camera he possibly could as he traveled around the country pushing his Pelosi-Reid puppeteer stimu-less package. He took the same train ride as Lincoln, used his quotes, and reminds everyone he is from Illinois and plans to “re-unite” the country. If Lincoln could see what has happened to Illinois since he roamed its plains, he would roll over in his grave. It’s a pit of corruption starting from the capital in Springfield to the belly of beast in Chicago. Reminds me of a Winston Churchill quote* where he spoke disparagingly of the newly elected Labour Party’s Prime Minister and Socialist don Clement Atalee in 1947: “…a modest man with much to be modest about.” Obama, growing through and from Chicago’s dirty political cradle, is the farthest thing from Abe’s transparency and honesty than anyone I can think of. It’s like comparing Odinga to Gandhi because they both were men of color.

Not like Lincoln

Not like Lincoln

Rightwingpundits.com describes Baumy’s attempt to attach himself to the historic president during his inauguration:

The most elaborate, expensive, histrionic and long inauguration in history began yesterday morning with the Obamas and Bidens taking a train ride to Washinton, D.C. in imitation of Abraham Lincoln’s train trip to Washington. The weekend pre-inaugural events continued today with a massive outdoor concert in the freezing temperatures in Washington, D. C. The culmination of the day was, of course, Barack Obama standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial mimicking Lincoln’s words to further reinforce the image of himself superimposed on the image of Lincoln. Or would that be Lincoln superimposed on the image of Obama?

And so the high dollar, professional and sleek marketing campaign of Barack Obama continues. Why wait till you have accomplished something to define your Presidency when you can start marketing a legacy as soon as you announce your candidacy? The anti-Capitalists are using Capitalism in extreme ways we’ve never seen before. Everything is for sale and everything has the branding and imagery of greatness and everything transfers the buyers money into the pockets of the power brokers. Most President’s successes and failures are viewed and defined through the more objective lenses of history. Obama isn’t waiting for history. His handlers are making sure he’s a rock star from the get go.



Conversely, Sarah Palin is a leader very much like Abraham Lincoln. She gave her own speech in Fairbanks, Alaska, on Lincoln’s birthday:

Palin addressed the audience in a similar vein, sharing Lincoln lessons and extolling the 16th president’s life and accomplishments in a somewhat lengthy speech, which included a short, five-question trivia quiz on Lincoln with small prizes.Throughout the speech, the governor compared or commented on the similarities and parallels of Lincoln’s life, ideas and works to Alaska and Alaskans.Like Lincoln, who was interested in building transportation infrastructure such as roads, railroads and harbors, Palin said, so too are Alaskans in developing the same infrastructure as well as opening up more federal land.

“We’ve got to let the federal government know we can responsibly and safely develop our natural resources,” she said. Palin extolled Republicans as knowing how to run their businesses and families best and never becoming a slave to big government.

“We need to turn it around so government is working for us,” she said.


Yuvai Levin wrote an essay titled,”The Meaning of Sarah Palin” commenting on both her success and her media tear-down during the election.


….Without her, McCain would have lost by 13% more votes. This is unprecedented in VP history. AND she didn’t need ACORN, the MSM or George Soros and illegal foreign funding to get those votes. As Levin stated, “It is not Palin’s fault that McCain was incapable of harnessing the phenomenal response to his running mate to his own advantage.”

(One can see the same provincial intellectualism in anti-Lincoln sentiment in his day because Lincoln didn’t have the formal education of other major political figures and didn’t talk like them. This is echoed by many anti-Palin commentators today. Lincoln said things like “heered” instead of “heard” and talked with a folksy, backwoods cadence and used non-intellectual metaphors and anecdotes to illustrate his thinking.)

“The reaction of the intellectual elite to Sarah Palin was far more provincial than Palin herself ever has been, and those who reacted so viscerally against her evinced little or no appreciation for an essential premise of democracy: that practical wisdom matters at least as much as formal education, and that leadership can emerge from utterly unexpected places. The presumption that the only road to power passes through the Ivy League and its tributaries is neither democratic nor sensible, and is, moreover, a sharp and wrongheaded break from the American tradition of citizen governance.”



For those who have ridiculed and smeared her character and intelligence, had they done research rather than rely on the “drive by” or shall we say “skim over” media, they would have found much evidence to the contrary…

She sees. She processes. She questions, and only then, she acts. What is often called her “confidence” is actually a rarity in national politics: I saw a woman who knows exactly who she is.

For all those old enough to remember Senator Sam Ervin, the brilliant strict constitutional constructionist and chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee whose patois included “I’m just a country lawyer”…Yup, Palin is that smart.


Palin responds to the media crucifixion of her intellect and character:

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As previously said (my last blog) Sarah, like Lincoln was, is fiscally conservative, abhors spending unnecessarily, says what she means and means what she says, is the opposite of Washington’s business as usual, puts honesty and transparency above the “do what looks good” mentality of the Obama administration. She has values and morals and sticks by them–i.e. her right to life belief unlike Obama’s broken promises (it is barely 4 weeks in office and he’s already broken 7). I hope she runs in 2012.

More like Lincoln

More like Lincoln

*Freedom at Midnight (1975) is a book by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins. It describes the events in the Indian independence movement in 1947-48, beginning with the appointment of Lord Mountbatten as the last viceroy of British India and ending with the death and funeral of Mahatma Gandhi (Wikipedia).