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The movie “Slumdog Millionaire” grossed millions of dollars and won several Oscars. The Mumbai government–Indian Housing Authority–gave the two children who starred in the film (and were actually living in slums and had received just a small payment for being in the film), free houses. The spokesperson said that because the children made India proud, they should receive free houses.

I think I just figured out B.O’s angle in giving the lion’s share of the $75 billion housing bail out dollars to those people who are in foreclosure. (Remember that these people should never have been given loans in the first place but were given loans via threats and pressure on the banks from Democrats including Barnie Franks and Chris Dodd). B.O. hates achievers and feels that losers should get to share in the achievers success–just because–it’s not fair. No matter that the achievers worked for what they have. In Baumy’s and the left radicals minds–the fact that they have something the losers do not is enough to make it unfair. And the losers did not earn their homes and now they’re losing them.

I like to call these folks (the losers) the Slumdog Squatters–we can’t call them renters…they don’t pay anything…we can’t call them hardworking homeowners–they have not worked at all to own their own homes rather, the definition of a squatter is: Someone who occupies an uninhabited building or settles on a piece of land.

But! They will be not only given free dollars to help them keep the homes out of foreclosre, they basically will be, in essence, GIVEN the homes.

Meanwhile, the hard working responsible homeowners whose homes are now “under water” (meaning their value is worth less than the amount for which they were purchased) will be left to spiral into foreclosure OR walk away from their homes that are now worthless to them. So those who were irresponsible will get bailed out by the tax dollars of those who WERE responsible. Sounds like a Baumy move; sounds like the liberal philosophy. After all, the money to finance the TheSlumdog Squatters has to come from SOMEWHERE!!



I just have one question…how did the Slumdog Squatters make US proud???

Where money comes for the Slumdog Squatters

Where money comes for the Slumdog Squatters