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And I thought I smelled bad!

And I thought I smelled bad!

It would seem the pundits are finally waking up to the smell permeating the country:



My question is: How in the heck when all of us were screaming, “WAKE  UP!!” all during the campaign, they missed it? I think I learned about not being led by rhetoric back in high school or something. Obama’s infamous quote: “You can’t put lipstick on a pig,” applies beautifully to his own empty rhetoric. Why could I, a non-pundit, figure all of this out when these famous journalists could not? I don’t get it. Could it be that they, too, were hypnotized by the wily one?

Here’s hoping the smell will last until we elect a new congress in 2012…with a GOP majority…although unless the rest of the media wakes up, B.O. will be using a lot of deodorant by then in the guise of rhetoric, new terms for old villianous “reforms” and media black-outs of various nefarious congressional events.