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Card Check is another step in Pelosi/B.O./Reid’s plan to more BIG BROTHER,  more government, more control. If this passes, any group of employees can start up a union, have a vote, and have that vote be not private but public so that those who dissent will be bullied and pressured. No surprise here because  P.O.R. ARE bullies and want to control the entire country with big government and less liberty. As usual, like the “Freedom of Choice Act” to kill unborn up until birth, the “Fairness Doctrine” to unfairly end free speech, the Employee Free Choice Act puts a strangle grip on freedom to privacy in voting. What’s next, vote openly for Obama or die?

AmericanSolutions.com states:

The top legislative priority for organized labor and their allies in Congress is the so-called Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), also known as “Card Check.” EFCA is an enormous power grab by big labor bosses that would strip workers of their right to decide by private ballot whether to join a union, and their right to freely negotiate their contract. Instead of a secret ballot election, workers would be asked to publicly sign cards in front of union organizers, potentially subjecting them to harassment or intimidation.

Simply put, EFCA is a threat to workers’ rights. This campaign is not anti-union; in fact, we believe that workers have the right to organize, but they must be able to vote in secret.

The rights to a private vote and to freely negotiate contracts are fundamental American principles that must be protected. By stripping American workers of these rights, freedom would be supplanted by fear, force and intimidation.

Moreover, with business owners struggling to keep their doors open, the last thing they need is more costly bureaucratic red tape and federally imposed work rules that will reduce competitiveness in the workplace.  Forcing workers to join a union will kill jobs in America at a time we can’t afford to lose them.




Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even George McGovern agrees!! Fancy that!  Read more about it here: