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Charles Krauthammer wrote with his usual brilliance today on Obama’s bio-ethics–or lack thereof.  He reversed Bush’s policy–in my opinion–for purely political and personal gain and with total disregard for any morality, on the use of embryonic cells for research on the taxpayer’s dime. Whereas Bush allowed the research to take place on discarded embryos from fertility clinics, B.O. leaves unchallenged the option to harvest embryos purely for their  alternate “use.”

“…I…do not believe that a human embryo is the moral equivalent of a hangnail and deserves no more respect than an appendix. Moreover, given the protean power of embryonic manipulation, the temptation it presents to science and the well-recorded human propensity for evil even in the pursuit of good, lines must be drawn. I suggested the bright line prohibiting the deliberate creation of human embryos solely for the instrumental purpose of research — a clear violation of the categorical imperative not to make a human life (even if only a potential human life) a means rather than an end.”

B.O. claimed to have made the decision based on science and pointed to his predecessor as reacting to the process on pure ideology and politics when in reality,

“…was the most morally serious address on medical ethics ever given by an American president. It was so scrupulous in presenting the best case for both his view and the contrary view…”

B.O. left the door wide open for the harvesting of embyos “solely for the purpose of dismemberment and use for parts.”


Most of the success with stem cells have come from adult stem cells. In fact, emryionic stem cells can actually be debilitating or even fatal if injected into the human body.


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