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The “drive-by” media–or as Rush calls them, Obama’s “stenographers” are not telling Americans what a sham the AIG debacle is.

Much ado about nothing.

Much ado about nothing.

First of all, Chris Dodd wrote the AIG retention bonuses into the stimu-less package as a measure to compensate the fired AIG employees.


So Dodd, Schumer, Franks and B.O. all knew about the bonuses and actually created them last year. B.O. is sly like a fox. Unfortunately, we are all sitting in the hen house. The corrupt Dems are making “much ado about nothing” so that we will not notice that our economy is in a hell hole of their own making. I just loved it when Obama’s teleprompter prompted him to say, ” We didn’t create this mess!” when anyone with any wit about her knows who created this attack on capitalism–the socialist administration bleeding (not leading) our country. The 165 million of the bonuses is a grain of sand compared the the oceans of beaches he’s spent and will spend. You know, of course, we are not done. Another stimulus is on its way and may be here before summer. The banks will need more, much more of taxpayer dollars and B.O. is just the Marxist to give it to them.


Oh, and are you aware that Obama received a $101,332 bonus from AIG himself in the form of campaign contributions? These guys are his buddies, so there is no way he was surprised by any of this. In fact, this was planned.


Yeah, I feel like puking too, 'cause I'm lookin' at YOU.

Yeah, I feel like puking too, 'cause I'm lookin' at YOU.