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The next on the Socialist’s agenda is getting y’all to buy little teensy “green” cars.

How is he going to do it?

Now that he is the CEO of GM, he’s going to get rid of the four top selling cars at GM (he does not care that they are top selling–he’s not about capitalism, saving the economy or making money for Americans) so you can no longer buy them. You are going to want to buy the green cars.

How will he make you do that?

He’s going to make us MORE dependent on foreign oil. (You know, oil from terrorist countries that want to kill us.)

How is he going to do that?

He’s already started the wheels in motion (no pun intended!) by the Senate and House passing the omnibus bill to put  two million acres of energy rich land under government lock and key (this in addition to 107 million acres already “protected” from energy exploration).

Change your tires

“It seems to me that what’s going to happen here, contrary to Mr. Obama’s assertions, is that his administration is going to increase our dependence on foreign oil by eliminating our discovery and usage of our own energy resources.  I’m talking about fossil, like oil, shale oil, natural gas.  As more of these lands are placed off-limits, guess what?  We have less of our own.  We need more from elsewhere.  So after this, I’ll betcha there’s going to be a big push — mark this projection, March 31st, 12:43 Eastern Daylight Time — next will come a total cutoff, maybe happen in stages, a total cutoff of offshore oil, new discoveries and productions.  This will cause the price of gasoline to increase dramatically again, and the cars that Obama wants you driving will thus have a market.  He does want, and he needs four-dollar-a-gallon gas or higher.  He wasn’t kidding.  Now that he’s going to be running the car companies, energy policy just got a lot clearer, and guys like Ed Begley, noted automobile expert out of Hollywood, are going to be throwing parties and celebrations because every one of you are going to be forced into driving little Smart Cars, lawn mowers with seats on them, getting rid of your trucks and so forth.  You might even be paid to do so, since we’re paying people to do everything else these days, from the federal government.” RushLimbaugh.com     3-31-09

Somebody say, “April Fools!” Unfortunately, the liberal debacle this country is being put through by this inexperienced, incompetent administration is all too true…

Read below from Invester’s Business Daily:

The government’s stimulus efforts, as toted up by Bloomberg.com, so far total $13.8 trillion — roughly equal to our entire GDP for one year, or $45,245 for every man, woman and child.

• A U.S. president with virtually no private-sector experience fires GM CEO Rick Wagoner, a 30-year industry veteran, and forces Chrysler into a shotgun wedding with foreign carmaker Fiat.

• Democratic Rep. Barney Frank, who also has never toiled in the private sector, declares “We own AIG,” and advocates sweeping government control over corporate pay and bonuses.

• The Service Employees International Union asks the White House to fire the CEO of Bank of America — and, because organized labor spent more than $100 million to get Barack Obama elected in 2008, it just might get its wish.

• The “New GM,” or “Government Motors” as some call it, is told it might have to scrap half its profitable models to build what President Obama calls the “next generation of clean cars” — cars that don’t yet exist, and have no proven market demand.

• Further afield, a key adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hangs up a “no vacancy” sign on the Earth, arguing that the world at 6 billion people is “overpopulated” — echoing the nutty Malthusian comments from a top British official last month that the United Kingdom’s population needs to shrink by 30 million.

• Congress declares carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas necessary for all life, to be a poison and seeks to regulate it through a “cap-and-trade” system — a costly tax on everyone who uses energy, at a time when the global economy is in recession.


All I can say is I’m damned tired of writing and faxing my congress reps and senators every week. I can’t possibly keep up with the damage he’s doing let alone expect anyone to control it. In less than three months, he’s done more destruction than any other president in their whole term. When is it going to end and with a 64% LEMMING approval rating, who the hell cares?

No Executive Experience, but TRUST ME!

No Executive Experience, but TRUST ME!