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Lovely, just lovely…even though I have no doubts he got it illegally (too many weird things like ballots in trunks, suddenly appearing, etc. AND George Soros’ money–a sure fire way to identify fraud), Franken is ahead by a slimy nose hair which will put the bottom dweller in the 59th senate seat on the liberal (with a small “l”) side. That puts them one seat away from a filibuster and with our misfortune to have Specter, Snowe, and Collins who often can’t figure out what side they are on.  Not a surprise he’s leading by “absentee” votes (from most likely absentee voters?)

We’ll see if Coleman takes it to the courts, still legal to do so at this point in Minnesota. But the MSM scuttlebutt is that Coleman will lose his support if he takes it to the court system. I do believe Franken is an illegal senate seat and like many of his far-left loon comrades, stole and cheated to win. I’m not just saying that because he’s a Dem even though anyone reading my blog knows full well my opinion of Dems. Many, most politicians become drunk with power. George Ryan…Republican governor of IL was a crook extraordinaire.  It is just that so much about anyone and anything having to do with Obama is corrupt and Franken is in that same dishonest league. Then again, immorality has seemed to infiltrate the Democratic party in their last several administrations. If I were Coleman, I’d go the distance. What would it matter at this point? The stakes in the senate are high and keeping Franken out for even one more vote is well worth the effort. Another stolen seat, Stevens in Alaska, has stirred some controversy.

The case cost Stevens, 85, a Senate seat he had held for 40 years. Once the Senate’s longest-serving Republican, he narrowly lost to Democrat Mark Begich soon after the verdict.

What about the cost to Steven’s career? What about his reputation? I have seen so much deception and lying in this election and administration that I do not doubt the whole botched suit was a liberal fabrication funded by Soros or the like to let the Democratic side take yet another senate seat. We may never know. But I say, time for a new election.

Now the case could prove career-ending for prosecutors in the Justice Department’s public corruption unit.


Hard to imagine that when we have such bi-polar partisan gap in opinion about Obama. Guess who is 88% and who is 27% in approval ratings? That’s right, Lemmings to Conservatives.  This from a Pew Research Survey…


Still Scum

Still Scum