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Here's hoping the balloon will pop.

Here's hoping the balloon will pop.

I am so unbelievably tired of liberal spin by the main stream media. Several months and blogs ago I spoke about the various things I saw ahead coming at our country. In thanks to a liberal administration and congress…they’ve all come up for consideration, vote, or passage. The media and lemmings who follow it continue to cry, “It’s only been 100 days! Why can’t you give him a chance?” The Germans gave Hitler a chance, the Venezuelans gave Chavez a chance and the Cubans gave Castro a chance…to what end? Europe,to its detriment has given socialism a chance. So far, since January 20, 2009 (as of this writing a mere 3 months or 90 some days) BO and his administration have done the following (not in chronological order):

1.) Reversed Bush’s ruling that American taxpayers not pay for abortions abroad:


This one has gone forward and is happening as we speak.

2.) Bashed America to our international colleagues:


And since this writing, he’s gone forward to apologize to even more foreign leaders such as Chavez. Most recently, he’s listened without comment to America-bashing by Ortega of Nicaragua.

3.) Proposed and pushed for Cap and Trade


This hasn’t gone forward…yet…but the left does not give up…if not now then it will be slipped in somehow later which is what makes watching and monitoring exhausting.

4.) Proposed and pushed for Card Check


This also hasn’t yet gone forward but the left has tried and will keep trying.

5.) Proposed and pushed for FOCA (“Freedom” of Choice Act)


It hasn’t moved forward yet but we’re not yet out of danger.

6.)Spent trillions of dollars we don’t have on the Porkulus Bill

Unfortunately…done and more to come in 2010 unless we find a way, via a more conservative congress, to stop it.

7.)Put forth a DHS document threatening the conservative movement


8.) Passed the SCHIP bill giving illegals free health care
https://chicagobluesgirl.com/2009/02/05/look-out-people-the-schip-program-is-a-bunch-of-scht/9.) Pushed for and attempted to pass the GIVE ACT


10.) Bailed out several banks and corporations then threatened them with unconstitutional mandates
https://chicagobluesgirl.com/2009/02/21/the-fairless-doctrine-has-gone-under-cover/11.)Pushed for and passed the use of human embryos with taxpayer dollarsDone.
12.) Provided taxpayer dollars for those who don’t pay taxes and bailing out losers (who never qualified for mortgages) out of their unpaid mortgages: https://chicagobluesgirl.com/2009/02/26/slumdog-squatters-obama-style/

Still in process…

13.) Worked, is working toward silencing any voice but the left’s:


We must be ever vigilant; as I explained before, they don’t give up…it ain’t over yet…

14.) Blamed Bush and Republicans for the Democratic Congress lack of regulations and the meltdown the the economy:


Done and ongoing…when will enough time have gone by for B.O. to take responsibility? Probably never. After all, he still hasn’t heard of the Tea Parties….

15.) Threatened the closing of Gitmo:


Signed the document for closing in a year…won’t it be fun to share our soil with Gitmo’s inmates?

16.) Allowed E-Verify to lapse (protecting business from illegal immigration employment):


17.) Pushing for the Dream Act (a back door amnesty program to reward illegals and their children with benefits inaccessible to Americans and their children):


In process…gotta keep fightin” this back door amnesty!

18.) Has engineered the widest partisan gap in history:


Read it and weep; Mr. “I’ll Cross the Aisle” has blown the aisle up….bye, bye” hope”!

19.) Chooses tax-cheating losers without vetting for his cabinet:


Just found another one…Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama’s nominee to become Health and Human …. Its OK to be a tax cheat if you work for B.O.!


So, how shall we celebrate Baumy’s first 100 days? Let’s have another Tea Party, shall we? How much worse can it get?

With just under 4 more years, I’m afraid to ask…