What’s the issue? In my county, it costs $7 to get a new copy of my birth certificate. Can’t a millionaire afford to do that? For heaven’s sake, he’s got tons of money and lots of lackey staffers who could do the errand of ordering one up. Put the rumors to bed, Baumy! Also, B.O., why can’t we see your school applications? That costs even less to obtain…the college has them…you’re too young for them to have been relegated to microfiche…

Let’s see, one’s college applications have on them…your social security number, your grades…hmm neither of those should cause you a problem. They’d have your address when you went to college, what classes you took…(shouldn’t be threatening…) your place of birth? Uh Oh! Is that the problem, B? Thank GOODNESS you have stenographers in the media to record information for you! This way except for talk radio, blogging and conservative internet news sites, NO ONE will ever hear about the law suits demanding for proof of your natural born citizenship!!

We’ve not been allowed to see the president’s birth certificate. Instead we’ve been offered something nobody ever heard of called a “certificate of live birth” from the state of Hawaii. If all this culminates in the revelation that Barack Obama is not, in fact, eligible to serve as president of the USA, this will go down as his team’s biggest mistake. The American people may not be all we used to be, but we’re not yet ready to roll over and smile at the sight of a confection designed to masquerade as a birth certificate while we’re being angrily denied a look at the real thing.

Do a little thought-experiment. Let’s talk “probably.” If the president were unjustly accused of being ineligible to serve and the chorus became nationally audible, what would he probably do?

Probably what would happen would be the press secretary would talk to a subordinate five layers down and instruct him to talk to a subordinate another five layers down (the coffee-fetching level) and instruct him to have copies of the president’s birth certificate — nothing else, please — printed and made available at the next White House news conference. That’s a mosquito swat too small to make anybody’s memoirs.

That’s quite far from what’s happening...


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The reason I think he won’t show his real birth certificate is because it’s not from this country. I dunno…just a hunch. Ho Hum! Life goes on…why worry about the Constitution? The White House doesn’t!