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What has to happen to bring the Republican Party back into center stage? Yes we all know that just the first 100 days has given us enough fodder in an amazingly short amount of time for the next election but if we cannot get the word out, what good is it? And if we offer nothing to believe in, why bother? Well we have plenty to believe in but a lot of work to do around it.

I just joined a group called Rebuild The Party:

There are a lot of grassroots groups working their way to the top but we must not forget that Obama’s groups are working consistently to maintain the facade that is Obama. Yes, we can complain all we want but it won’t get us further on the path to getting him out and someone with morals and experience in. Let’s face it; the libs are going to run it like they did last time–lots of smart recruiting, use of technology, lots of money from Soros and overseas, etc. in addition to all of the cheating, lying and use of ACORN…their usual routine. We weren’t ready for them in 08; we MUST be ready for them in 2012. From the post:

Democrats have been allowed to get away with the notion that their success online is fueled by a “bottom-up” culture while Republicans are “top-down.” Ironic — given that Democrats want top-down government control of your life, while Republicans believe in dynamic markets and a strong civil society.

In fact, we must be ready well before then. Rebuild the Party has a ten point detailed action plan on how we can move forward. Pretty powerful stuff:http://www.rebuildtheparty.com/plan
The Internet: Our #1 Priority in the Next Four Years

Winning the technology war with the Democrats must be the RNC’s number one priority in the next four years.

What’s Wrong — And How to Fix It

1.) Recruit 5 million new Republican online activists.

2.) Hold campaigns and local parties accountable.

3.) A more open technology ecosystem.

Changing the Way We Run the Party

What’s Wrong — And How to Fix It

4.) Rebuilding Our Grassroots Infrastructure.

5.) Time for a new fundraising model.

6.) A 25,000-strong Nationwide Campaign Force.

7.) Reorganizing the RNC.

Recruiting a New Generation of Candidates

What’s Wrong — And How to Fix It

8.) The 435 district strategy

9.) But don’t stop at Congress.

10.) A “40 Under 40” initiative

I watched a powerful video of a young man applying for a position in the RNC. It was very inspiring.

You Tube

It is not so much who he is but what he stood for and what he says in this video. It embodies what we want to have happen and the kind of passion it will take to get there but for a lot more people. In this video, Michael presents a very simple premise:

The Republican Party stands for basic values of:




All of these things we have lost under Obama. Obama has turned, “Yes we can” into “Yes the government can…and there is little you can do about it.” The seeming powerfulness he effused onto his followers was replaced with the powerlessness of big government.

But when it really is BY the people (and not the government) and FOR the people (and not the government)  then it IS the people…and people truly CAN change things.


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