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All of my life I’ve fought against believing people can just be downright evil. Even at work, when I moved into a higher level of middle management, I fought against this belief. I’ve been proven wrong time and time again. There are backstabbers in most professions–people who work to sabotage and destroy regardless of collateral damage. After years of being on the receiving end of these self-servers, I’ve come to understand it is all about fear and control. These marauders are insecure of their own abilities and mask it by the misalignment of anything they perceive as a threat.

On another plane, we see Taliban dominance and punishment without logical reason or Al Qaeda’s suicide bombers who destroy hundreds–even using the innocent and mentally handicapped as pawns–merely for a political or religious statement.


Now of course those workplace evildoers would be abhorred to see themselves compared to terrorists but just because the office isn’t creating life or death casualties, it is destructive and overall, it hurts scores of good hard-working folks who are there to serve and does obliterate many causes that are noble and good and would have changed things for the better for many.

That brings this discussion into the realm of American politics where a relatively small group of people (compared to the population as a whole) affect an entire nation by disfiguring good peoples’ reputations, negatively changing laws meant for the common good and instituting self-serving bills and legislation for the mere reason it will get more votes regardless of what it does to the foundation of a society or generations of children. Over recent decades liberalism has functioned to disillusion a people. To describe this disillusionment, Mark Steyn uses the metaphor of gauze pulled over the camera lens (which in film was used to soften features so as to make an actress seem more appealing to the eye).  So we have the Obama-esque view of the world which appeals to many who are either so desperate in their own situations to just believe anything that “sounds” good, to others who understand the false rhetoric but benefit from policy changes regardless of what it does to a nation.

A tactic long used by liberals is to defame, ridicule and mock their opponents. Logic is as foreign to them as it is to an Islamic radical. But still, I believe these radically left-wing idealogs make up a minority of a population. Even so, they are heavily represented in the mainstream media which then serves to pull the proverbial gauze over millions who have heard the prevarications so often from so many misaligned sources that it has become, for them, truth.


And libs are afraid. Even with control over the MSM, House, Senate and White House, they are grossly intimidated by the voice of conservatism. So much so that they are proactive in their attacks against what might have been and what could be. I present the case of Sarah Palin. She has had to start a legal defense fund to fight the weekly ethics complaints filed against her. She isn’t even in a political race and she’s all the way up in Alaska–yet still the pummeling continues.

They’re trying to break her; they’re trying to make her go broke so she won’t be able to have a political future.  They’re scared to death of her.  If they weren’t, they’d leave her alone. They’d let her go moose hunting, and that would be it.  Why…? Do you see how easy the conventional wisdom is?  The conventional wisdom is that Palin’s a dork, that Palin’s an idiot, that Palin is unsophisticated, that Palin is this or that. She doesn’t know the lingo. She has a bad wardrobe. It’s all of this irrelevant stuff to try to destroy her, to destroy her credibility with people, to impugn her (Rush Limbaugh, 5-5-09).

Liberal Fear

When  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal spoke in response to the president’s address back in February, he was whiplashed by racially motivated comments referring to his ethnicity with 7-11 jokes and remarks that likened his speech to Mr. Rogers.


Not surprising that the leftist media would concentrate on HOW something was said totally missing the meaning or message. That’s why they are so mesmerized by Obama. He’s got a great verbal magniloquence and since they can’t get past the eloquence of his words, they’re  blissfully unaware of what he’s actually doing. In the state of Louisiana, Jindal puts the meaning of his words into action. And why would they be afraid of Bobby Jindal? Maybe because he won his 2006 election to the House with 88% of the vote? Maybe because Jindal, 36 years old, has shown by the reforms he’s put in place in his role in Louisiana’s governance, is infinitely more capable than our president to run anything and much more so an entire country.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_JindalSo Palin, Jindal, Limbaugh, nameless Tea Party goers and even a Miss Usa contestant–any and all threaten libs into a swirling cauldron of insecurity causing them to subscribe to a continuing witch hunt of anything smacking of conservatism. And the MSM tags along for the ride serving as an undergirding of vilification. What libs can’t debate, they destroy.

Fighting against this belief as I have done at my workplace serves no purpose but to further entrench ourselves in inertia. Rush (5-5-09) suggests conservatives use this fear to our advantage:

We have a great opportunity to contrast ourselves with the most liberal, quasi-socialist administration in history.  We’ve got the country more afraid of this administration I have ever seen.  We’ve got people that I know more afraid of their government than they have ever been.  This is not our country.  This is not the country we were raised in.  This is not the country we want our kids and grandkids to inherit and continue to keep great.  The opportunity is just ripe.

Now we just need a leader at the waiting helm of 60% of our citizenry who are clearly on the right side of history.