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“Badee; badee; badee…..Porky Pig” That’s what Nancy Pelosi sounds like as she is blubbering away to the world on public news channels trying to make a credible excuse for why she lied about her knowledge of waterboarding as an enhanced interrogation technique. The Dem support is disappearing in droves. There ain’t a smile big enough to cover this one, babe. If this, along with the interrogation leak and the detainee photo release threat doesn’t wake up a few moderates, I don’t know what will.


Scary, even when she isn't lying!

Scary, even when she isn't lying!

Porky Pig

This might be called Enhanced InterroGATE…

Even the MSM are barking back at her.


If she has to read her statement, you know she’s fibbing. When I was much younger, a friend was dating someone who lied frequently. We noticed that every time he did, he left the room. We’d always joke, “What did he say right before he left the room? IT WAS A LIE!!” Was that why Pelosi high-tailed it out of the room right after speaking?

The Nanster has seemingly dug herself a deep hole by bad mouthing the CIA. She has always presented herself as the elite one (this is why she is one of the messiah’s “subjects”) and acts as if she is “better than thou” and we are dumb clucks…such as the time she ridiculed the Republicans when they fought against the porkulus package.  Yet in many ways she’s not too bright–she made her comment about the “stimuless” package right before the vote.

I’m sure somehow she’ll remain at her post but I wish the CIA would take her down a few notches. Panetta did speak out at her actions making a public statement, which was good. But he backed off pretty quickly after hearing from the “One.”


Nothing will happen to Pelosi and Panetta, like everyone else in Obama’s administration, is programed to obey.

Hold it, Leon, I can't find your puppet strings

Hold it, Leon, I can't find your puppet strings


Then, lastly, when the CIA confronts her, she goes to the liberal default button (different than Hillary’s “over-charge” button) and blames the Bush administration.

Rebuffed by the Democratic head of the CIA and left hanging by a Democratic White House, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi backpedaled Friday on her claims that the CIA lied to her about water-boarding. Pelosi issued a statement late Friday shifting her criticism to the Bush Administration– hours after CIA DirectorLeon Panetta defended his agency against Pelosi’s charges.
“My criticism of the manner in which the Bush administration did not appropriately inform Congress is separate from my respect for those in the intelligence community who work to keep our country safe,” Pelosi said in a statement late Friday.
But she didn’t back off her central claim, that she wasn’t informed about the use water-boarding of against a key terror suspect in September 2002.

Newt Gingrich responded:

“I think that the House has an absolute obligation to open an inquiry, and I hope there will be a resolution to investigate her. And I think this is a big deal. I don’t think the speaker of the House can lie to the country on national security matters,” the Republican leader said in an interview with ABC Radio


Here’s hoping upon hope she’ll be removed…just about anyone would be better than her.
Time to go, Nanster!

Time to go, Nanster!