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This past weekend, the hubby and I went to Galena, IL for a little R and R.  We both love history and Galena is steeped in Civil War history which boasts among other things, the location of Union general and 2-term US President Ulysses S. Grant’s home along with history of the 8 other Civil War generals, Civil War re-enactments, etc. We tromped through the history museum, the Dowling House, several mansions–my legs were throbbing by the time we left. Yes, we sure love history. The thing is, this double, triple dose of history gave me much pause to the sacrifice made by so many for freedom (I also thought a lot about Texas pondering succession and how if they did and B.O. got a second term, I’d move there…meanwhile the Dominican Republic is looking better and better every day).


Obama and the Dem’s lack of regulations on subprime lenders (even before he was elected). closing of Gitmo, the tax cheats in his cabinet, the stimulus packages, massive earmarks, Cap and Trade, lack of transparency, the lies and cheating, the Apology Tour, Sotomayer’s “hearing” and her spoken and unspoken inuendos about making policy from the bench and repeal of our second amendment, the loom of the worst health care plan in the history of our country, nearing 10% unemployment, a soaring deficit and after 6 months, we go on and on and on. There is no end in sight. We are facing a socialist take-over of our once free United States of America. I’ve called, I’ve written, I’ve faxed, I’ve Tea-partied.And our Founding Fathers are now spinning in their graves…


The progression of this misery seems almost biblical–like a chapter in Revelations. First the media destroyed the right by debasing and debilitating our last conservative president–George W. Bush.  Unfortunately, he did not fight back. By the time elections came, the media and the majority Democratic Congress had maneuvered us into a no-win situation. Regulations had been thwarted by Obama and the other Democrats ELEVEN times and when Fannie and Freddie fell, Bush took the hit and B.O. was in a position to look like a savior. Again, the media did its dirty work and propped up his false accusations and promises. He won the election and the rest, I’m sorry to say, is history.

The frightening thing is that we have so little control. All we can do is write and fax and call. The legislators–yes even Democrats–are listening.


…And it isn’t just Republicans fighting these things in Congress:


But what can we do? I also work a 60-hour a week job. I’m exhausted and people, we are not even 1 year into the mire of this administration! “God help us!” has become a daily phrase. When I look at the garbage we’ve allowed to enter into our society and political system, why would God help us? We certainly don’t deserve it. But I will continue to pray, like hundreds (I hope millions) of others are praying. I have to admit, I feel like giving up. I think some ARE giving up, but people, our Founding Fathers, the men and women of so many wars including the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WW I and WW II did not give up, so how can we?

We have no chance of saving our country if we do.