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Congressmen and women: It’s time to stand up and take a side!!

Either you stand with our Founding Fathers and our country’s Judeo-Christian values wanting to save our country OR you stand with the far left socialists who seek to destroy what all patriots have fought for up to this moment. Stop the pandering to moderates and special groups worrying incessantly about their votes. If you stand up and do the right thing, you’ll GET the votes. Now is not the time to worry about taking the middle road hoping to avoid ire from the Hispanics, the African Americans, the atheists, women, the media, etc. We no longer have time for that. The time for that has passed. We only have time for action to save our precious country.

Vote AGAINST another insane stimulus plan. The first one made things worse; this one will finish us off.

Vote AGAINST Cap and Trade which will destroy small businesses and eliminate at least 2 million jobs while it increases taxes on an already over-taxed constituency.


Vote AGAINST the abomination of a Health Care bill better titled Health Care Destruction which will forever change our country by eliminating the best health care in the world. There are so many other ways to solve this problem but our president and his minions want to shove it down our throats as fast as they can before we realize the atrocities woven into the tapestry of this, our country’s death knell.

http://www.campaignforliberty.com/blog.php?view=22006……a bill our president has not even read but yet wants you to vote for!!


Vote AGAINST  Sotomayer, the left-wing radical who will make policy from the bench and work to continue the left’s agenda continuing to make a mockery of our constitution.


Vote AGAINST any more taxes to this already overtaxed people. The combined taxes proposed will equal from almost half to almost 60% of a family’s take home pay regardless of what tax bracket you’ve placed them in.


Stand up for our country or go down with it in flames.

Do you stand with Truth or Traitors?

Do you stand with Truth or Traitors?