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If you disagree with the new Health Care bill, best be quiet about it, Obama is listening.
And citizens of the Obama state are paying attention.

But As For Me News shares this photo:

B.O.'s First Amendment

B.O.'s First Amendment

A conservative family friend has decided to turn himself in to Obama:

Just to save my neighbors the trouble, I am reporting on myself.

I am as opposed as it is possible to be to the Health Care (or is it Health Insurance, or something even newer today) “reform” now being swept at breakneck speed through the Congress, as though this was some new national crisis. I have communicated my feelings to both of my Senators and my Representative. It is too expensive, too intrusive of my freedom of healthcare choice, and too ill-considered. And just so everyone knows: I do not need anyone to tell me how to think; not the Congress, not the White House, not the DNC, not Rush Limbaugh, and certainly not the RNC. You got a gluttonous emergency stimulus bill of nearly a trillion dollars that has yet to “stimulate” much of anything. You got a budget of Brobdingnagian proportions that expands government control over my life in ways I have yet to imagine. You got a huge automatic income and estate tax increase coming in 2011 that, by the way, affects many people whose income is under $250,000 a year, so don’t come running to me breathlessly claiming that the middle class won’t have to pay higher taxes under Obama. You got control of a large portion of the financial markets, executive pay, and you even got to own your own automobile company. You have had things pretty much your own way for the last seven months, with an historically unprecedented deficit (Obama-owned, not Bush-owned) to prove it. But this time you’ve gone to the well one too many times. Government spending and deficits are out of control and no one at the White House seems to know, to know how much, to care, or to understand. We simply cannot afford a healthcare system that, by any fair reading, or by any fair analysis of its eventual outcomes, will improve practically no one’s healthcare, will cost far more than the current healthcare system, will grow in cost far faster than any rational plan to fund it, and will fail to insure most of those few people who currently are without insurance. And most of those criticisms are from your own party and from those bureaucrats your own party appointed to analyze such things!

But that’s not the worst of it.

When my government sets up a system to monitor honest disagreement and rational discussion and calls both of those “spreading misinformation,” something is radically wrong at the top. Worse yet, when my government sets up an apparatus to collect information on dissenters and asks decent citizens to rat out their neighbors to a website (flag@whitehouse.gov) for saying disagreeable things about the President’s healthcare plan, then we are cruising perilously close to despotism. That is simply unacceptable! There is no conceivable justification for totalitarianism! Nancy Pelosi, in a moment of rhetorical hyperbole and freakish imagination, spoke today of healthcare opponents carrying swastikas. Far more insidious is the President and his martinets acting much as those who DID carry swastikas 70 years ago in Germany. Despots often defend their otherwise indefensible agendas by savaging and belittling their opponents. Adolph Hitler hastened the consolidation of his power by creating the apparatus to pit neighbor against neighbor to stifle “dissent.” God save us if that is what you are about.

David Kaiser

From The North Country Gazette

Dear Whitehouse.gov:

You can FLAG ME!

I do not trust you.
I am opposed to HR 3200.
I am opposed to the involvement of the US Government in my personal
health care.
I am opposed to “end of life counseling”
I am opposed to deficit spending.
I am opposed to higher taxes to pay for your deficit spending.
I am opposed to your rush to pass laws without public notice or public
I am opposed to your characterizations of people who disagree with you.
I am opposed to White House lies.
I am opposed to your control of the Fourth Estate.
I am opposed to Acorn.
I am opposed to White House disinformation.
I am opposed to your attempts to intimidate myself and others for our
beliefs, opinions and culture.
I am opposed to your Marxist ideas and practices.
I am opposed to your attempts to erode the Constitution and the Bill of
I write letters on these issues to my Congressmen and to my Senators.
I write letters on these issues to everyone I can think of.
I will shout my opinions from the rooftops,
I will do my best to alert and inform everyone with whom I come in
contact about White House lies, intimidation, control issues and
everything else that is contrary to the American way of life.

I am a poor, minority, American Senior Citizen, and proud of it.

Flag Me!

/s/ Tom Perrin

Chateaugay, NY 8-6-09

If you’d like to flag yourself and join the rest of us in the Obama Gulag, follow this link:

At least you’ll be in good company.

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