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Chicago style thuggery is on the march. The town hall health care protests have gotten too much attention so the Libs let the union dogs (said to be ACORN sponsored) out to attack. Can’t have free speech in Obama land, not only do we have Obama-Watch where internet comments are now being filed in a White House data base, but we also have union thugs beating up anyone who disagrees with the “One.”

See interview with Neil Cavuto here:

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Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Just like the vicious attacks on Sarah Palin, the women’s rights movement is no where to be found. Attacks are only evil when on liberals. Besieging conservatives is “justified.”

And who would not have been angry at this St. Louis protest outside a town hall where Russ Carnahan was speaking when the SEIU members were allowed to sneak into the meeting through the handicapped entryway and the town citizens were locked out!

As one comment on the post explained:
Seems really odd to even bother to have a ‘townhall’ if you only want people that support the issue in question in the hall.
Obviously, Russ Carnahan does not believe in this healthcare proposal. If he did, then he would simply explain it to the people as many times as it takes for them to understand the wisdom of it.

Obviously, according to the Democrats, the only acceptable conservative response is to do what we’ve always done, lay down, take it and shut-up. Somehow I think we’re beyond that now.