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The top three worst presidents BEFORE Obama were Carter, Buchanan and Lyndon Johnson (all DEMOCRATS). Liberals would like the tag of “worst president”to be on George W. Bush, but for a host of documented reasons, that’s hardly the case.

The long legacy of Obama’s blighting of this country began before he was elected when his vote during his small spot of time on the senate, although riddled with “not presents,” did include radical approval of late term abortion and consistent opposition to bank regulation. Gaining the power of the presidency was another rung on the ladder of infamy for Obama as he took advantage of a contribution loophole in identification information that would publish who donated, and there is much evidence of hundreds of foreign contributions at one point $200,000 an hour. ACORN, closely tied to the Democratic party and Obama, is now investigated in several counts of voter fraud in at least 15 states for the 2008 election.

After his election, in less than 8 short months, the list of his destructive actions to the detriment of our country are rampant:
He is a proponent of FOCA—the misnamed Freedom of Choice Act which allows unborn babies to be murdered anytime, anywhere, anyhow throughout the pregnancy and also forces even Christian and Catholic hospitals to perform abortions.

He is a proponent of freedom and equal justice rights for Gitmo prisoners yet works to decrease dollars for our own freedom fighters–our American soldiers and has sent OUR money supporting those who would kill us–Hamas!

His support of Card Check so that the rights of workers and their privacy in union voting will be lost is another area where he shows disrespect for human rights.

He has broken many of his campaign promises and has spent more money than our government has spent from the Founding Fathers until his inauguration (CPAC Speech, RushLimbaugh.com).

We’ve seen his lack of morality in reversing policy to allow taxpayer dollars to pay for unbridled embryonic stem cell research–no holds barred.

You still doubt my claim of WORST PRESIDENT?
Let’s sum it all up:
Gitmo, E-Verify, Card Check, FOCA, SCHIP, Union Thugs against protesters, Fishy Snitching, ACORN, Porkulus Stimulus Bill, Moves Toward the Fairness Doctrine, Sotomayer, Cap and Trade, The Apology Tour, Czars, CIA Interrogation Memos, The Birth Certificate Debacle, Illegal Immigration Threat, The GIVE Act, More Spending than the Entire History of the Country Combined, The Car Industry, Buying the Banks, False Global Warming, AIG Smoke and Mirrors, Money for HAMAS, The Spread My Wealth and Home Mortgage Debacle, and the Lies that never end:

Of course he wants to eliminate private insurance. Of course he is lying. He is an incredibly gifted liar.

The Health Care Debacle is the worst of his plans; it has so little to do with helping the uninsured get health care and everything to do with control of wealth and control of our personal records and accounts. It’s all in the bill and once passed our country will never be the same.
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