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Obama and the Left are desperate liars. They will do anything to get this health care abomination of a bill passed. Anything. Because it is more than just a bill–it’s a confiscation of the sovereignty of a nation. Since the moment he started campaigning, B.O. and the left have lied, lied, lied–“kiss pretty lies and smile with your hands,” smiling, smooth, elegant lies, “sweet talkin’ lies.” Lies to control, to break and steal an economy, to take over the power of a democracy; lies to destroy a constitution, to take a country from its people.

Consider lies about:
Obama and Odinga
Obama’s association with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and Tony Rezco
Connection with Arabs
Hiding his records
Stimulus Package
Blaming Bush
Cap and Trade Lies
Lies in his books
Lies during his campaign
His claims about the Health Care Bill:
More Health Care Lies
Broken Promises
Gay Marriage
Town hall Lies

They’ve been saving up this outpouring of cheating and lies for over 8 years and if they win, they will bring this country to her knees. But they’ve awakened a sleeping giant…hopefully not too late.