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Glenn Beck is an unusual political news host both on Fox News and Premier Radio Networks. Beck is an author having written 3 New York Times best seller books…the latest called Common Sense. Most recently, he has sponsored the 912 Project, an organization designed to bring us back to where we were as patriotic Americans on 9/12/2001. He is unabashedly stouthearted in his support of conservative values and rejection of the authoritarian controlling and leftist agenda of the present administration.

On July 28th, on Fox and Friends, Beck had the audacity to criticize Obama:

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The group Color of Change, a far-left radical pressure organization, has launched a “counter attack” successfully getting 5 of Beck’s advertisers to drop the show. Van Jones, Obama’s Green Czar, is a self-described communist who just happens to be a founding board member of Color of Change (although C of C has deleted reference to him on their web pages, information can still be found here or in the article about him here (the Google cache will soon be deleted).

Erick Erickson, on Red State, comments:
Barack Obama’s brownshirts are after Glenn Beck.

We can’t let them win. If they win with Beck, they’ll be emboldened to go after even more people….We need to strike back and boycott these groups for ditching Beck. If they are going to fold so easily in the face of Obama brownshirts, we must push back. If not, who’ll be next?

He also shares the contact information of the advertisers in order to launch a counter-boycott. In addition, a reader of Michelle Malkin, shares a Support Glenn Beck website with direct links to these advertisers.

Even if you don’t regularly watch or agree with Glenn Beck, the fact that the Obama administration can have this kind of control is an abhorrence and cannot be tolerated. You are encouraged to write these advertisers and let them know you will counter-boycott their products in defense of our First Amendment rights being raped by the so-called leader of our country and his minions.