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Obama Care Talking Points

Obama Care Will Not:
–Control costs (CBO)
–Improve quality (NCPA)
–Increase access to care (NCPA)
Obama Care Will:
— Impose $800 billion in new taxes (CBO)
–Nationalize the health care system (NCPA)
–Increase the national debt (CBO)
How Will It Affect You?
–You could lose your job. (CBO)
–You could have less takehome pay. (CBO)
–You could lose the insurance you currently have. (CBO/Lewin)
–If you do not have a health plan approved by the government, you and your em-
ployer will have to pay a fine equal to 10.5% of your wages. (NCPA/Lewin)
–You could end up in a “public” plan that pays low rates and find you are the last
patient doctors want to see. (NCPA)
–The government could interfere with your relationship with your doctor. (NCPA)
–Your health care could be rationed. (NCPA)
CBO (Congressional Budget Office); NCPA (National Center for Policy Analysis); Lewin (The Lewin Group).

Questions for Town Hall Meetings

Access to Care
1. President Obama said, “Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking a painkiller.”
What did he mean by that?
Aren’t these decisions that should be made by doctors and their patients?
2. President Obama told the American Medical Association there are too many tests, procedures, too many doctor visits, etc.
Is the government going to decide who gets what test?
Is the government going to tell doctors how to practice medicine?
How do we know patients won’t be denied care they really need, as they are in Britain and Canada?
3. President Obama told a national television audience, Patients are “going to have to give up paying for things that don’t make them healthier.”
Isn’t it a bad idea to have the government decide what care patients need?
Don’t most patients trust their own doctor more than bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.?
4. The Role of Congress
Will your representative promise to read any health care bill before voting on it? (Did he/she read the stimulus bill?)
5. Why are members of Congress unwilling to join the same “public plan” they are going to push millions of ordinary citizens into?
6. Health Care and the Economy
The House Health bill (HR 3200) would impose a tax of 10.5% of wages (8% on the employer; 2.5% on the employee) of workers who do not have adequate health insurance.
Why is this fair?
How does this help people who cannot afford insurance?

7. The House health bill (HR 3200) would impost about $800 billion in new taxes on the economy.
Does this make sense when we are in the middle of the worst recession in modern times?
Does mandating that employers provide health insurance make it more likely or less likely that they will
hire more workers?
Does a tax on the income of small business owners make it more likely or less likely that they will create
more jobs?
8. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says mandating that employers provide health insurance will mean fewer jobs and less take-home pay.
Why punish working families at a time when so many are hurting?
Why not let employers and employees make their own decisions about wages and benefits?

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