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Are you sorry you voted for the Bamster? I had to listen to the Obamabots all during the campaign as McCain tip-toed around every issue that could possibly get him elected. What I’d like to hear is a few, “I’m sorrys,” a few regret statements. You gotta wonder if anyone with a brain is left supporting him when you see his administration hiring union thugs and acorn idiots carrying their pre-printed commercially sold signs to storm the legitimate folks at the tea parties and town hall meetings.
So I started looking, and did a google search for “Obama supporters say I’m sorry” just hoping for SOMEONE to eat a little crow. Here’s what I discovered: The elderly who voted for him are sorry. They found out about the death panels and how little their share of rationed health care would be.
From Radio Free NJ:
Of course, the American people elected Obama, but they didn’t elect THIS Obama. They elected the centrist, moderate practical and reasonable Obama, and we haven’t seen him since the inauguration. Instead he’s been replaced with his leftists twin; the socialist ‘community organizer’ who is a policy slave to the UAW and the civil service unions, and is determined to remake America into a socialist workers paradise.

Socialism has failed everywhere that it’s ever been tried, very often in wasteful and bloody ways. The American people know that, and knew it before the election. Had the media portrayed Obama in his true light he would have never been elected, and I’d be complaining about president McCain right now. But instead Obama was elected on a false premise. And all these Healthcare protests demonstrate is America’s buyer’s remorse.

Some, who Rush calls the Educated Stupid, just did not see it coming. It is hard to believe that people with high level degrees can be so blind and feckless, but they are everywhere. They cling to their misguided beliefs like drowning men to driftwood. But day by day, buyer’s remorse for Obama is growing. Mike Whitney from Global Research tells us:
Anyone who has ever wasted good money on a clunker only to drop the transmission 15 minutes after leaving the car-lot, knows the feeling. It’s like a swift-kick in the groin followed by weeks of fist-pounding rage. It’s called buyer’s remorse; “Gawd, I wish I hadn’t bought that piece of dogshite!”

There are probably a lot of former-Obama supporters feeling that same agonizing sense despair now that President Rainbow has done an about-face on every campaign promise he made. So much for “truth in advertising”, eh?

What a disaster. Did anyone know it was gonna be this bad?

As Margaret Thatcher so wisely stated, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Considering that in 8 months, Obama has spent more than George W. Bush did in 8 years, we’ve not only already run out of OUR money, we’re quickly running out of China’s money!
From Rush (8-28-09):
We have a debt that is $9 trillion. Some people are saying it’s going to get as high as $14 trillion over the next ten years! The deficit? Folks, listen to this: The budget deficit in ’09 will be larger than all of George W. Bush’s annual deficits combined! Obama’s first budget deficit is higher than every Bush deficit added up and combined.

Obama was what political strategists call an “aspirational candidate.” He represented something that voters aspired to be: Part of an America that was good enough, and far enough removed from its racial past, to elect a strong candidate who was also an African-American.

Buyer's Remorse

However you want to describe it, Obama voters ARE having BUYER’S REMORSE, but there is no return desk.