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Just when you think Barry has reached the end of his incredible overreaches, he does this….

Tuesday, Obama’s speech to school children, will be his 112th. Another mark in history piling up for him like cow dung piles for a funeral pyre: The first black socialist/fascist president ashamed of his country to speak to school children. It is in the same vein as the “House that Jack built” except it’s the “Country that Barack demolished.”

And then, if the act of the speech itself is not bad enough, to accompany the speech, there are even teaching materials the White House provides.
From Michelle Malkin:

Well, well, well.

The White House has re-written its activist talking points for teachers/administrators disseminated by the US Department of Education and removed the language about “helping the president.”

Whitewashing: It’s the Obama way.

What they can’t whitewash is the radicalism of many of the White House Teaching Fellows responsible for drafting the material — or the radicalism of the educational mentors with whom Obama served, starting with Chicago Annenberg Challenge/Woods Fund/neighbor Bill “education is the motor-force of revolution” Ayers.

As Mark Steyn wrote in Investors’ Business Daily, Obama is beginning to feel very much like a personality cult. And he’s bringing that cult into the classroom through video and “Obama-lessons.”

Two of the books the White House suggests for our children to read are below:

Comes with its own barf bag for parents

Comes with its own barf bag for parents

Who can resist him?

Who can resist him?

I still believe in the American public education system. I think it has many merits and most administrators and teachers do their very best to provide students with the best possible education they can. Our country, when compared to other countries, ranks low on the list in achievement but this is an unfair ranking: our country is the only one that includes ALL students in achievement scores–all backgrounds and abilities are counted in the publicly reported scores. Since No Child Left Behind (NCLB) came along in 2002 (with all its faults) schools have increased performance for ALL students in astounding feats of academia. They’ve even begun to close the achievement gap between mentally challenged children and general education children.

But schools are government institutions and they are funded both federally and through their states. Taxpayers pay for schools and while schools have an expected allegiance to their communities, they are tightly regulated by the authoritative hand that feeds them and that hand is attached to the long arm of the United States Department of Education.

Personally, I see our president’s actions as a dangerous move into heretofore uncharted waters and I come to this discussion with a unique perspective:
As a young teacher oh so many years ago, we were taught that you don’t bring religion or politics into the classroom. Students are, by law, forced to go to school. Most go willingly; for the rest there are truant officers. So in that consideration, the president puts impressionable children and their parents in a very uncomfortable position and that is stating it mildly. School personnel traditionally, due to the fact that they are in government controlled institutions with the heavy clout of unions, are overwhelmingly liberal. Obama takes advantage of that and of the mandatory public school attendance laws to force his way down the throats of children who have little choice in the matter.

One might say, well, their parents can keep them home. That’s true, the students who stay home can not only be obviously absent but also miss a day’s worth of work and learning (albeit some of it propaganda) and also have the extra burden of make-up work. One might also say, well, those students can do something else during the day. Someone with that mindset has forgotten what it is like to be a child in school. Those whose parents purposefully remove them from the classroom for certain events often feel ostracized from their classmates. The social goal in schools is to “be like everyone else” to “blend in” to conform (even when claiming to be “different”). Every educator inherently knows this and feels a certain amount of pity for those children whose parents remove them from the classroom for any religious, political or moral reason. I always supported the parents and often agreed with their right to do this but I also knew what lay in store for that student from his/her classmates who managed to “conform” to whatever mantra was being presented or discussed.

And then there is the teacher. Most children under the age of 12 have a certain “awe” for their teachers especially if they like them. The teacher has more knowledge and the teacher gives out grades and can dish out punishment. There’s a level of control that the teacher has and there are rules that must be followed or else students face consequences. It is a rare 10 year old that does not care a whit for any of that and can confidently stand on his own two feet in a face-off with what is being presented. And students can tell how their teacher feels about many things especially after spending a few weeks with her. They want to be liked. So the kids have the conformity/social thing to contend with AND they have the fear/like/respect the teacher and rules thing they must grapple with. So if the teacher and the school are showing the president’s speech, however boring and propaganda-ish it is, then obedience and conformity are in order.

Thankfully, many teachers strive very hard to not let their personal beliefs enter the classroom, but the classroom by mid-year has become like a family and those beliefs are increasingly hard to hide as debates and discussions take place and consequences prescribed. If this were not true, why does administration work so hard to train teachers in the appropriate response to cultures and ability?

But still, there is Obama and there is propaganda and that’s what this latest stunt of his so incontrovertibly is. As I’ve always said, underhanded deception is the mainstay of Chicago and its treasured son springs forth from the belly of the beast.

“You can take Obama out of Chicago, but you cannot take Chicago out of Obama.”