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Friday, September 11th at 7 AM, my sister met me at Mom’s house in the south suburbs. Her husband helped me weather-proof my sign, we loaded up my car and by 8:30 AM we were on the road. Twelve hours of driving (including a total of 3 “getting lost” side-trips in the hills and valleys of various states:), we made it to D.C. about 9:30 Washington time. My husband was already there with a couple of bottles of wine, thank goodness! We watched some Fox News in great anticipation while we munched on pizza finally falling asleep only to wake before the alarm at 7 AM. We hurried out of our hotel and joined several groups from around the country who were gathering near Caribou carrying their signs. The weather was cloudy but the crowd was cheerful yet determined. We hurried on down to Freedom Plaza where there was standing room only. Little did we know probably a million preceded us much earlier in the morning and had already filled the grass surrounding the capital building. By the time we were half way there, people lined the streets like tributaries filling an ocean–a watershed moment it was.

As Ronald Reagan once said, “They counted on America to be passive; they counted wrong!”

We all marched in unison holding our signs high and chanting, “YOU LIE!” ; “Freedom!” ; “USA!” “Read The Bill!” and many others. We marveled at the signs, the costumes, the variety of regular American folks from every ethnicity, age and walk of life all together; we could see that they felt as we did–they HAD to come–no matter the time off work or school–no matter the cost–they had to be there. It was a fun-loving crowd but people were serious–they cared and were patriotic and of one thing I was sure–they love their country. There were many speakers, some of the best were:
Mason Weaver:

Senator Jim DeMint:

Lloyd Marcus:

There were between 1.5 and 2 million people there from more than one reliable source. This spanning film from Washington D.C. streets says it all:

As you can see by these links–the passion is so strong—Washington had better listen. There’s change a’comin’, Congress, Mr. President and you can no longer ignore it. God Bless America!

Please see these incredible photos from the March–probably the best I’ve seen so far!

One of my favorite You Tube videos is the one where CNN is drowned out by the crowd calling out, “Tell the Truth!”

The March on Washington on 9-12-09 was a watershed moment in our country’s history–a movement of the American people to take our country back from a leftist, radical government hell-bent on its destruction. God Bless America!

And last, here’s our You Tube video–Enjoy!