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Wake Up America Movement (W.A.M.) gives a pat on the back to all who have been “fighting the good fight” against Federal Health Insurance (aka “Health Care”) and reminds all awake Americans right now is a most critical juncture on this issue. We urge the following CRITICAL ACTIONS:

1) Review this HEALTH CARE UPDATE & Analysis (below) Then TAKE ACTION by signing the Petition at:


2) Forward this information on to everyone you know who has the sense to know that a Federal take-over of public health belies our our Constitutional freedoms and would implode our economy! If you have a Blog, Radio show or are active on twitter or other social networks, spread word NOW of the dangers of the bogus “Healthy Americans Act.”

3) This horrific bill (S391/HR 1321) already has 14 Senate co-sponsors – including 5 GOP and 2 so-called “Moderate” Democrats (plus I- Joe Lieberman!) W.A.M. has been warning that a bill would emerge with bipartisan support claiming to be “a new solution.” This is it – and it offers NO real solutions, just more political power in D.C.!

TAKE A STAND for our country’s future well being – CONTACT your Senators and Representative Now! Let them know you see through this latest “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Remind them the people have spoken out in your state and across the nation declaring “We Do Not Want Mandatory Federal Health Insurance!”

4) All who live in the following states are urged to immediately mobilize vehement opposition by in-state residents against the “Healthy Americans Act” – which institutes mandated Federal Health Insurance under the guise of a “new Private option.” (More specific offensive contents below.) These are the states where residents can make the most difference with your vocal opposition – because YOUR STATE has a Senator who claims to be “moderate” or “Republican” and has c0-sponsored this bill:

TENNESSEE (R) Sen Lamar Alexander
LOUISIANA Sen Mary Landrieu (D “Moderate”)
S. CAROLINA (R) Sen Lindsey Graham
FLORIDA Sen Bill Nelson (D “Moderate”)
UTAH (R) Sen Robert Bennett also
OREGON both Dem Senators have co-sponsored
N. HAMPSHIRE (R) Sen. Judd Gregg
DELAWARE Sen Edward Kaufman

and CT Sen Joe Lieberman (who had recently expressed opposition to a “public option.”) As Lieberman is Chair of Homeland Security you might ask him why bother to protect against outside terrorists if Americans can’t even be protected against their own Federal government!

All activists are also urged to contact Fox News and demand they NO longer bring ON AIR Lindsey Graham or Judd Gregg as hypocritical spokesmen for the Republican party. No honest GOP could sponsor or vote for this bill – which will, among other things, bring the destruction of the Republican party. If you are an active member of the GOP contact the National Committee (or your state Committee) to demand GOP sponsors withdraw from this bill!!!



FOR Proof of D.C. Corruption – on both sides of the aisle, READ THIS SUMMARY:

INSANE BI-PARTISAN “Healthy American Act” S391 in the Senate Finance Committee

*Claiming to be a “private option” it makes Mandatory Health Insurance a national law-with stiff penalties for any American uninsured who refuse to sign up and pay for it.

*These penalties include across the board FINES on American businesses who refuse to provide this coverage for their employees. Just what our Economy does NOT need now.

* The bill sets up a web of Federal control which determines Premium costs and Benefits and Items covered (This is called, of all things H.A.P.I. (ie, “happy”) under the authority of the Department of Health and Family Services. (How badly do you want Sebelius deciding your family’s health future?)

* The bill then authorizes Sebelius to set up a Board – which she and her department control – to annually review what we’ll be charged and what coverage we’ll receive. (AKA “death panels and denied coverage still pose the same threat as all other ObamaCare bills presented.) This bill even sets up a “TRUST” Fund for purposes to include ‘BONUSES” for states that implement “malpractice reform” – but by whose definition- the FED, of course.

* The bill claims these programs will be “state” run – but all real authority will lie in the hands of a H.A.P.I. spiderweb of new Federal bureaucracy controlling it all – including mandated new programs of numerous kinds on the state level (even new “school based Health Centers” – while some of still think the purpose of school is education not indoctrination!)

* The bill even amends the IRS code to require that individuals and employers each make “shared responsibility payments.” Yet they claim on TV there’ll be NO new taxes!

*If all this weren’t bad enough, the “Healthy Americans Act” eliminates current Federal health care for government employees (placing them under this program instead) AND revokes the SCHIP Act (State Child Health Insurance Plan) that was only made law a few months ago! It does this by requiring that all uninsured Americans sign up for this new Plan and pay for it for each adult AND every child in their family. (Since SCHIP placed huge new taxes on tobacco sales already being collected everywhere – it is likely these taxes will also continue and build more FEDERAL REVENUE that will not be accountable.)

* By placing Federal employees under the HEALTHY AMERICAN ACT it’s their employers who will pay for All GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES to receive this new coverage – and who is that will pay FOR THIS TOO – the AMERICAN PEOPLE (because WE are considered their “employer.”) And since the Federal Government, under Obama, is expected to be the only job growth sector predicted to exceed 40% of the population – the Rest of US will be paying for their health care – and GUESS WHO they will vote to KEEP IN PERPETUAL OFFICE? (Obama and other progressives of course!)

* Finally, the PR for H.A.P.I. will soon be a nationwide campaign claiming that now We the People will have the SAME INSURANCE as Congress! If you believe that, go buy a Brooklyn bridge. Because participating in this Plan will be required for everyone not insured elsewhere. So, Congressmen will just go buy BETTER INSURANCE for themselves! Any who saw Lou Dobbs reports on government run Health Insurance in other countries saw those that are doing the very worst are those that have resulted in a CLASS or CASTE system where the wealthy OPT OUT and get preferred 1st Class care – count on cash-fat Congressmen to do just that.

You can read more of the bill for yourself at:


SO much for D.C. doing anything about the real issues of health insurance. Once again, they’ve decided to just become the biggest player! Including members of both political parties. They don’t just think they “know best” – they want it all!
SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP D.C. Back Door Deals Now and send this link to everyone you know to sign on, too:


These Petitions will be FAXED to GOP & “Moderate” Dems with a vehement cover letter this week to make them think twice about their support for S391. We will let them know,on your behalf, that it won’t make them “H.A.P.I.” for long!
So signatures are urgent Now!

REAL HEALTH CARE ISSUES ARE RESOLVED by the WethePeople Health Plan -a growing grass roots NON-PROFIT organization that needs and deserves allour support. Show Capitol Hill we CAN and WILL solve OUR OWN Health Care problems – without their interference – by signing on at the site of this innovative, sincere and quality new approach to REFORMING American Health Care.