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I have a hard time understanding that our president spends so much time disparaging radio-talk show host Rush Limbaugh and Fox News when he has a bogus health care bill to roll through Congress and a war to ignore in Afghanistan.

As published in Politics (NY Times):
Mr. Ailes {Fox News chief executive}, who had reached out to Mr. Axelrod {White House Advisor} to address rising tensions between the network and the White House, told him that Fox’s reporters were fair, if tough, and should be considered separate from the Fox commentators who were skewering President Obama nightly, according to people briefed on the meeting. Mr. Axelrod said it was the view of the White House that Fox News had blurred the line between news and anti-Obama advocacy.

What both men took to be the start of a frank but productive dialogue proved, in retrospect, more akin to the round of pre-Pearl Harbor peace talks between the United States and Japan. The White House relented.

The confrontation went to a new level when the White House called Fox News a talk show rather than a news show and purposefully excluded them from any White House press with a goal to marginalize them and control any other possible criticism. The largest slap came, however; when the White House refused to give Fox an interview it gave all the other news networks.

All of this came to a political head when the White House was to grant interviews to its pay czar Kenneth Feinberg. Fox is one of 5 news networks who rotate the White House interviews:

The pool is the five-network rotation that for decades has shared the costs and duties of daily coverage of the presidency and other Washington institutions. (Fox News)
In a surprise response, the other four news groups refused to do the interviews without Fox.

But the Washington bureau chiefs of the five TV networks consulted and decided that none of their reporters would interview Feinberg unless Fox News was included. The pool informed Treasury that Fox News, as a member of the network pool, could not be excluded from such interviews under the rules of the pool.

Baltimore Sun’s TV Critic David Zurawik summed up the news groups’ (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC) reaction to the White House’s latest attempt to control the press calling it “outrageous.”

“What it’s really about to me is the Executive Branch of the government trying to tell the press how it should behave. I mean, this democracy — we know this — only works with a free and unfettered press to provide information,” he said.

…Obama, speaking publicly…about his administration’s portrayal of Fox News…said he’s not “losing sleep” over the controversy.

Based on his reaction to any criticism however slight, I beg to differ.