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As I write this, we do not know where Conservative Hoffman stands against Bill Owens in NY District 23 and Republican. Republican Christie is neck and neck with incumbent Corzine as New Jersey Governor. Bolling, Republican, has beaten Wagner as Virginia Lt. Governor and McDonnell, Republican, won against Deeds as Governor in Virginia with Cuccinelli, Republican, winning against Shannon as Atty. General also in Virginia. Bloomberg remains Republican Mayor of NY City against Thompson.

It is well-known that Dede Scozzafava dropped out of the race as she saw the “handwriting on the wall” as a liberal Republican candidate. She then endorsed the Democrat candidate Bill Owens, further supporting the claims she was a leftist candidate.


The race in NY 23 between incumbent Corzine and Hoffman on a “Conservative” (not Republican) ticket is a microcosm of the country and has been highly touted by both Democrats and in Hoffman’s case, Conservatives. For this reason, I believe the liberals have been out in force to run their usual scams and fraud with the help of the infamous Acorn.

On his third trip to the polls, a Hoffman supporter and poll watcher had his tires slashed this afternoon —as you can see he had a Hoffman sign in his back window.
Slashed Tires
The Dems are keeping the absentee voting procedure as loose as possible, and the question remains: how many people who didn’t go out to vote today ended up voting in NJ, after all?

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Franks, are you paying attention?