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By Paul Revere

From Tea Party Patriots

Near midnight on Saturday November 7th, when most Americans were either sleeping or otherwise distracted, democratic members of the House of Representatives ignored the clear will of a very vocal American majority and implanted the tentacles of a growing tyrannical government into the spine of the republic that was built on the back of hard working Americans.

The merits of the democrats proposal have been debated and it is well known that the bill will result in an enormous breakdown of the American health care system.

This did not stop Nancy Pelosi and her fellow democrats from grabbing trillions of dollars directly from the paychecks of average citizens. An amount equal to one sixth of the American economy.

What does that mean? Well, in simple terms, if the final step of the bill is realized, Americans will spend 1 of every 6 hours working for the government to pay for nationalized healthcare. Essentially your paycheck is now one step away from being laundered through the government monopoly called nationalized health care.

Those who voted the big gorilla into the room happen to have nothing to lose, as they are exempt from participating. They opened the cage, released the beast and ran. Their plan is to leave Joe Public to his fate against a monster of impersonal legislative bureaucracy.

The fight now moves to the senate, and forces for smart reform based on conservatism, capitalism and compassion for the less fortunate will fight harder than ever to prevent a final bill created by a tyrannical government from ever seeing the light of day.

Join us in the fight today!

What has the biggest impact?
Email and letters while simple to do, have minimal impact. The fight must be taken to them. You must go to your local or national offices to be heard. Letters can take up to three weeks to make it into the hands of your representatives and email often ends up as spam or in their junk folders. For maximum impact please visit your senators’ offices and let them know how you feel.