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Obama is waging a war against America–against her values, her economy and worst, her constitution. I say worst because modern Democrats rarely exhibit values and we have lived through several of their eroding value-administrations in this country; liberals have often ruined the economy and when the conservatives get back in power, they usually have been able to clean up the mess and turn things around before the next Democratic control’s governing; but the war against the constitution will spell the end of us if won. His army is the likes of Dodd, Franks, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Holder to name a few with behind-the-scene puppetry by Axelrod, Soros and Emanuel. The Democrat party is imploding and unfortunately unless we can reverse the damage, we will be the casualties.

Consider: Bailouts, Gitmo, Tarp mis-spending, E-Verify, Card Check, FOCA, SCHIP, SEIU thugs against protesters, fishy snitching, ACORN, Porkulus Stimulus Bill, moves toward the Fairness Doctrine, Sotomayer, Cap and Trade, The Apology Tour, Czars, CIA interrogation memos, the birth certificate debacle, illegal immigration threat/amnesty, the GIVE Act, more spending than the entire history of the country combined, the car industry, buying the banks, false global warming, AIG smoke and mirrors, money for HAMAS, the spread my wealth and home mortgage debacle, threats and moves toward gun bans, record unemployment, false global warming claims, Copenhagen, the circus court trial of 911 terrorists and now health care. All this in less than a year’s time…we move toward liberty’s end at breakneck speed.

We’ve protested at home and in DC, wrote, faxed, emailed and called. Obama is leading the charge albeit behind the scenes to the worst take-over of a free country ever launched on THIS free country. We are on a dangerously totalitarian road to fascism. The leaders of our country do not care about us, their constituency. I’d lay down my arms (the ones that dial the phone and write the letters) but I’m sure that’s what they are hoping we will do. Still, I’m exhausted. I wake up every day to a new assault on our liberties. I have never seen nor read or heard of such corruption on such a large scale in this country. Maybe I have not been paying attention but although I know corruption is in each administration regardless of party, I don’t think I’m being naive when I say this administration tops the worst of the worst and there are 3 years left.

God help us.