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From: Alan M. Gottlieb, Chairman, AmeriPAC

Senate Dem’s Destroy Medicare & Hide Public Option:

Do not be fooled by the Senior Senate Democrat tentative deal reached Tuesday night to abandon ObamaCare’s government-run insurance plan. Any bill will have to be reconciled with ObamaCare passed by the House that has the public option the cornerstone of Obama’s scheme to create government-run healthcare. Make no mistake Democrats will push through the public option in back room committee meetings if this bill is passed.

ObamaCare Votes Cuts Medicare Payments:

Democrats voted Thursday to reject a GOP proposal by Sen. McCain to strip the package of nearly $500 billion in Medicare cuts, its most important source of financing. The amendment called for the Senate Finance Committee to revise Reid’s ObamaCare bill to exclude all spending cuts to Medicare.

Sen. McCain said that simply cutting the funding of one entitlement program to create another federal entitlement program would not constitute reform. Instead, hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending will be added to the federal deficit.

Over the weekend, the Senate also cut a key Medicare service aimed at invalids in an attempt to find the money to pay for ObamaCare. On a 53-41 vote, Senate Democrats cut $43 billion from home health-care services. Democrats insisted that they were cutting waste and abuse, but the end result will be less care for seniors.

Polls: 62% Oppose Government Run ObamaCare:

Obama’s popularity has gone from 70% to 49% in the latest Gallop and Quinnipiac University polls. According to a new Rasmussen poll, an enormous 62% of voters are rejecting the disastrous single-payer plan known as Government Run ObamaCare. Yet Obama and Democrats lead by Reid in the Senate are determined to force Socialized ObamaCare on all Americans.

“Only 27% of voters nationwide favor a single-payer health care system (Government Run ObamaCare) where the federal government provides coverage for everyone.”
– From Rasmussen Report

Single-Payer Is Just Government Run Socialized ObamaCare:

Single-payer refers to one entity acting as administrator, or “payer.” In the case of ObamaCare, a single-payer system would be setup such that one entity – a government run organization – would collect all health care fees, and pay out all health care costs.

64% Of Voters Not Affiliated With Either Party Reject The Idea.
– From Rasmussen Report

Reid is continuing to dangle $100 million of your tax dollars in front of Democrat Landrieu from Louisiana who said “I’ve decided… to move forward, but much more work needs to be done.” Louisiana is the only state that qualifies for the Reid Senate BUYOFF PROVISION”. Schumer, D-N.Y said his party is determined to push through ObamaCare with or without Republican support.

Reid’s Senate version of ObamaCare calls for:

o Hiding the $2.8 Trillion price tag by not accounting for actual costs.
o Major reductions in Medicare befits to seniors.
o Major Tax Increases on every American to pay for it all.
o Reid called for increasing the Medicare payroll tax.

The Senate ObamaCare creates a new marriage penalty by imposing a tax on individuals who make $200,000 annually but hitting married couples making just $50,000 more.

That’s one of 17 new taxes imposed by the bill, which also creates a levy on elective plastic surgery – some call it “BOTAX” – and places a 40 percent excise tax on those who have generous health care plans.

“If you have insurance, you get taxed. If you don’t have insurance, you get taxed. If you need a life-saving medical device, you get taxed. If you need prescription medicines, you get taxed,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, who is leading the fight against the bill.

Those legislators will be feeling the WRATH of voters next year — but WE still have our work cut out for us NOW!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) must now set the date for the next cloture vote to end all debate over Republican objection and the bill would be pushed onto the Senate calendar for a final vote.

BUT… Reid’s sneak attack sets up the next critical cloture vote likely next week to PASS THE SENATE OBAMACARE BILL. This will require 60 votes to succeed — and there’s a GOOD CHANCE that Reid does NOT have those 60 votes!

If Republicans filibuster this motion, he will need 60 votes to invoke cloture and shut off debate. If cloture fails the bill will die!

WE HAVE NOT LOST. The bill pushed by Obama, passed by leftist Democrats in the House — and rejected unanimously by all Senate Republicans — must now be debated in the U.S. Senate…

The radical leftists in the SENATE were able to PAY OFF SENATORS to get their bill to the floor…

* Remember, if the Reid bill passes and is merged with the House Bill it is the worst of all possible bills. Both bills are chock full of every far-left special interest socialistic dream imaginable.

Liberals in the House AND the Senate ignored us when the majority said, “NO BAILOUT.” They ignored us when the majority said, “NO FAKE STIMULUS.” Now, they’re trying to ignore us when the majority demands with a clear voice, “NO GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER OF HEALTH CARE!”

We all remember when President Obama stood in front of a joint session of Congress — and LIED. He LIED when he said they weren’t planning to set up “end-of-life panels” — his cronies have promoted the idea for a long time now. He LIED when he said his “reforms” wouldn’t insure illegal aliens — it has been clearly shown that there would be NO WAY to prevent this from happening. He LIED when he said that his “government option” health care plan would not force taxpayers to pay for abortions — the Obama-backed House bill would explicitly authorize the federal government insurance plan to pay for elective abortions and would explicitly authorize taxpayer subsidies for private abortion insurance.

The American people are TIRED of being LIED to — which is why over ONE MILLION of us went to Washington, D.C., to bring the voice of the MAJORITY to the doorstep of Congress. You see, the “sleeping giant” in America has been awoken… and we aren’t going back to sleep… not while our own government tries to cram a socialist health care plan down our throats!

TAKE ACTION: Democrats were paid off to get passage on the usually perfunctory motion to proceed to debate. Republicans were unified and filibustered but even that, did not stop Reid from successfully getting 60 votes… after Democrats were given pork filled payoffs not to join that filibuster.


We CANNOT let the radical liberals in Congress — and the White House — force this plan for socialized health care on the American people! That’s why we’ve set up our website to enable you to send a strong message to every single member of the U.S. Senate, OPPOSING this outrageous plan.

In 1993, First Lady Hillary Clinton tried to force a less radical form of socialized health care down our throats, thinking that they could do it since the Democrats controlled Congress AND the White House.

What was the result? 1994, and the Republican Revolution. The liberal Democrats are “shooting themselves in the foot” again by trying to pass even more radical socialized health care this time — but we CAN stop them!

According to a survey of 1,000 likely voters released by the group Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, 53 percent of those who say they are likely to vote in the November 2010 election oppose the “public option” type of plan just passed by the U.S. House, compared to 39 percent who like the idea.