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The 2010 Census, over time, has become increasingly political especially in an election year. Congressional districts are made or broken on population counts. You’ll hear in the left-leaning mainstream media that poverty is misaligned in census taking. Just the opposite is true. Those in poorer neighborhoods are encouraged by the nonprofits to make sure they are counted by the government which exists to care for them. In addition the less affluent are much more easily accessible. It is the wealthy in gated, alarm-controlled communities and high-rises that are difficult to contact much less connect with. And then those who are more prosperous are usually career oriented and often out making the dollars that provide for those who on the government dole. In an article last year by American Thinker:

If there is an urban undercount, I suspect it is among the most affluent, not the underclass. In the poorer neighborhoods the message that we’re from the government and we’re here to help you get more money has been widely communicated. In highly affluent areas responding to the census taker is just another competing claim on very valuable time by those who value their privacy.
All of this would serve to strengthen votes for the left.

But how is the census taken and what are the risks to local citizens?
Article 1 Section 2 of the US Constitution mandates a count of everyone residing in the US. The population totals determine each state’s Congressional representation. Information from the census is used to distribute Congressional seats to states. It’s also used to make decisions about what community services to provide and to distribute federal funds to state governments. The numbers also affect funding for each community and help inform decision makers about how communities are changing.

The Better Business Bureau offers the following advice:
The BBB offers the following advice:
# If you are visited by a US Census worker, they will have a badge, a handheld device, a Census Bureau canvas bag and a confidentiality notice. Ask to see their identification and their badge before answering their questions
# Census workers are currently only knocking on doors to verify address information. Don’t give your Social Security number, credit card or banking information to anyone – even if they claim they need it for the census. While the Census Bureau might ask for basic financial information, such as a salary range, it won’t ask for Social Security, bank account or credit card numbers
# Census workers won’t ask for any donations
# Census workers may contact you by telephone, mail or in person at home. They will not contact you by e-mail. Don’t click on a link or open any attachments in an email that is supposedly from the US Census Bureau
# If you do receive an e-mail or find a Web site that you suspect is falsely representing the Census Bureau, forward the e-mail or Web site URL to the Census Bureau at itso.fraud.reporting@census.gov

So if Americans follow all of the guidelines to avoid external deception, is there anything else to fear?
And what about fraud IN the government? Obama’s administration, having had close connections with ACORN, is not generally trusted by much of the country. And although the government “officially” severed ties with ACORN and the US Census, recent legal actions against the group of community organizers were declared to be “unconstitutional.”

So I would wonder how much involvement ACORN will have without the public’s knowledge.

Highlighting other census concerns, we’ve learned that the 2010 Census count will include illegal immigrants. Why is this a problem, you ask? Why especially would DEMOCRATS support the counting of illegals in our census? The answer is politically obvious:
…the higher the States population, the greater the number of Representatives in the United States Congress. Population is also the basis for determining the distribution of over $400 billion dollars of Federal Aid programs.…the Nation would have expanded Congressional Representation for over eleven million Illegal Immigrants. The cost of this burden would fall upon every tax paying Legal Resident in the Nation, regardless of which State they reside.
Similarly, the Democrat Party has used “Acorn” to pump illegal Voter Registration for similar purposes for decades.Public School Administrations all over the Country currently accept Illegal Immigrant Students because, population, regardless of legal status, drives State and Federal funding.

It is quite clear that there is strong motivation to use the 2010 Census to produce the outcome that best suites ones political agenda. The left’s long term goal? According to Malkin:
Exploiting the massive population of illegal aliens to redraw the political map and secure a permanent ruling majority.

The watch dogs of the right would be wise to keep close tabs on the 2010 Census as we get closer to November elections.