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Why does Obama hate America?

Obama hates our country; he hates our values; he hates what we stand for and he hates us. We conservatives, the plurality of America, are keeping the ONE from his agenda to remake our nation.

And all of this animosity is about VOTES, Democrat votes. It is easier to cheat and steal to get votes rather than follow the dictates of the majority of your constituency. Obama wants a one party socialist, liberal country where he and the left are in total power. Enough power to ensure the death of democracy.

Why is Obama in opposition to Americans?

The Obama administration’s assault on America is in full swing and the newest front is Arizona. Obama was quick to launch all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to lie, play the race card and organize illegals into civil disobedience. If anybody had any remaining doubts about Barry Hussein’s intentions regarding Arizona and his proposed illegal alien amnesty, that should have answered it for you. Without amnesty or the promise of amnesty, Democrats cannot hope to combat the Tea Party voter back lash from the rampant spending and socialist devastation by the radial leftist administration. This is also why the Democrats would like to give Puerto Rico statehood. Even though the citizens have voted three times against this measure.

This time could be the “charm” for Democrats in Congress, who see a golden opportunity in winning Puerto Rican over as a state. Seating two more senators and as many as six Congressmen likely to align themselves with the Democrats would give the party in power even more control going forward.

In addition, because Puerto Rico is a poor country with most of its non-speaking English citizens in great economic need, adopting PR as a state would recreate America as a totally bi-lingual country and be the last straw in its economic demise.

Why does Obama combat American values?

Although it is difficult to tell what Obama’s position is as he changes them to fit the need, from his speeches and writing we can see that Obama is:

• Against the second amendment and the right to own firearms.
• For late term or any abortion
• For allowing felons to vote
• For raising taxes on income of any sort
• For giving away a trillion dollars in the Global Poverty Act
• For a wide variety of social spending increases from welfare to mortgage relief
• Against drilling, coal, or nuclear power and for high gas prices
• Against free trade
• For a liberal Supreme Court
• For government run health care
• For drastically reducing the military

Why did Obama wait 9 days to address the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Could it be that he would like the spill to be as bad as possible so as to close off any drilling offshore? Obama said he is FOR drilling but that is just not true. The people of this country would like to escape the shackles of middle east oil dependency but that would go against the environmentalist whackos that Obama panders to. Rush says the drilling promise is a head fake:
So this offshore drilling, this is designed to mollify swing voters by misleading them again. I think it’s a test of political instinct, a test for the hopelessly gullible. Anybody upon hearing this saying, “Hey, maybe we misjudged the president, gotta give him credit out there what he does something right.” Now, if that’s you, you have flunked. The people fooled by this sophistry will be duped again when we get closer to November. Look, Obama is a radical leftist. He still wants cap and trade. (Rush.com)

But again, as I’ve said, to Obama all of these things are not about protecting America and its citizens–being true to his oath of office–it’s about power; it’s about votes; it’s about him.