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First and foremost: Bill Foster represents the worst of what a politician can be….and he is a liar.

I am abhorred by the number of Foster signs I see on my way to and from work (heading south from and to Geneva through Aurora). Either these people are mentally blind, dumb and stupid or they hate America. There is no reason to be FOR Foster except for these reasons and that you want to “vote yourself a paycheck” via the American taxpayer.

“The kindly Mr. Foster likes everyone to think of him as a scientist and a businessman. Caring, intellectual and business friendly. Looks can be deceiving.”

From Illinois Review:
…Mr. Foster is pretty much a mystery man, in that he rarely is available for town meetings and he only shows up for ribbon cuttings…In the latest ACU ratings, Mr. Foster ha{s} developed a lifetime ACU {American Conservative Union} rating of 8.50….He might fit in well in Massachusetts or San Francisco, but his views don’t represent Illinois’s 14th Congressional District. When you are more liberal tha{n} Dennis Kucinich, Patrick Kennedy and John Dingell, you know you are too liberal..

Foster has voted with Pelosi 93% of the time and his “rating” from the National Taxpayer’s Union in IL is a whopping “14.” He even uses taxpayer dollars to campaign!

From: Before It’s News:
“Congressman Foster had an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to his constituents that he understands their concerns about the devastating impact a tax hike would have on our shaky economy. His silence on the matter is a stark reminder to voters that Bill Foster is an out-of-touch millionaire – and while he may be able to easily afford those higher taxes, job-creating small businesses may not be so fortunate.”

My husband and I are two of the lucky ones who got to wait to “talk” to Foster at some of his “town hall” meetings. Yes, it took place in a town hall. Yes, it took place with townspeople. That is where your idea of a town hall meeting ends. We had to line up one at a time in a long, long formation winding around a room just to be allowed to ask him one question and then be quickly ushered out. What a joke. Many stood for hours only to have him leave them standing there as he left. Being a man and actually facing his constituents in a group would have given many more a chance to really voice their opinions. But that was not to be. Mr. Bill is too afraid to face his former voters. In fact, his lack of fortitude last August when he went-a-traveling instead of facing his concerned community, caused them to sponsor a meeting in absentia.

After all, it is hard for ole’ Bill to travel back and forth to the 14th District when your wife lives in New York. He’s a real committed guy as you can tell…committed to his own pork and perks that come with being a congressman. Mr. Foster voted for US to get the disaster of Obamacare–knowing the majority of Americans fought against it–while he and his new wife will enjoy a Cadillac Congress version.

In the last election, many conservatives believed the hype that Bill Foster would listen to and vote FOR his constituents. I can only pray more people have woken up to the reality that he listens to and votes for only himself and his own personal interests. And although I did not vote for him in the last election, I will work to keep him out of Congress in THIS election and I WILL vote for Randy Hultgren who is Foster’s exact opposite. You should do the same.