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From Conservative Outlooks:
The Secretary of State is the chief elections official in each state, so he/she is responsible for the conduct of elections and establishment of election day rules. A position and role mostly unknown by the majority of citizens in this country before the 2000 election.

In the race that re-elected George Bush,
Someone of great wealth recognized the power of the Secretaries of State. The power to ultimately decide, perhaps by manipulating and interpreting state election law partisanly, to place their chosen candidate into office.

And the name of the person I am referring to is George Soros. The effort is called the SOS project and is funded by George Soros. Progressives as Secretary of State will sink Republican winners with Democrat fraud.

LaborUnionReport on Red State describes 7 dots that on November 2nd, will connect:

…here are the disconnected dots that are detailed below:

* First Dot: The SOS Project
* Second Dot: The SEIU’s Shenanigans
* Third Dot: 11 Million Illegal Immigrants
* Fourth Dot: The Fake ID Industry & Meg Whitman
* Fifth Dot: Voter Registration
* Sixth Dot: Union GOTV Strategies
* Seventh Dot: Early Voting
* Connecting the Dots”

I have two more dots for you: The Disenfranchised Military Vote Dot and The Felons Get to Vote Dot.

True to Obama and Chicago’s Thuggery Tactics, our military have again been prevented from voting in another election:
The Obama Justice Department has become embroiled in more voting shenanigans, this time in the president’s home state of Illinois. The Illinois State Board of Elections has been lying about the level of county compliance with mailing military election ballots. Executive Director Dan White claims 10 counties didn’t meet the mailing deadline, but in reality 35 of the state’s 110 voting districts failed to comply, effectively stripping untold military service personnel of their right to vote. One election official, Robert Delaney, held up sending 1,300 military absentee ballots for 14 days. But while Patriots who have vowed to fight and die for our country can’t be guaranteed the right to vote, 2,600 inmates in Chicago’s Cook County Jail received hand-delivered applications and ballots — at the same time.

Regarding the felon vote, it worked for Al Franken and it worked for Obama in 2008.
Word out is that the range between contenders must be at least double digits to overcome Democrat fraud. The polls may show Sharron Angle and Harry Reid as being close but they are not within the “Margin of Democrat Fraud Error.” I think this will be the new checkpoint for winning GOP seats. Several voters in Clark County, Nevada found when they went to vote that Harry Reid’s name had already been chosen for them on their ballot. Not to worry, though, the Obama supporting SEIU will come and repair their machines. Yes, SEUI “repairs” the machines (if you know what I mean!) and of course the Secretary of State, Ross Miller, claims there is no voter fraud in Clarks County, Nevada (did I mention Secretary Miller is a Democrat?)

Democrats stealing elections is legendary and in the last election, thanks to Fox News, we finally found out about it.

Cheating is the only way liberals can win because they are running against the American people and winning the honest way, by votes, just isn’t an option.