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Reprinted with permission from the Wake Up America Movement

Our concern with Covert Lame Duck action was well founded.

Recapping the “story” We the People have been told: GOP as a group swore to block all other legislation of the lame duck Congress- until a “Tax Cut Deal” and overdue 2011 Budget were put in place. On the surface this sounds sensible. But now it’s being subverted and could boomerang badly:

The Pact of 42 GOP have already broken ranks on their agreement. For example: Murkowski (AK) on Wednesday voted with the Progressives instead; Collins & Maine (ME) on Thursday announced their support of the START treaty. Now VP Biden is claiming there never was a “Tax Cut” deal – merely, instead, a “framework” for compromise discussions to start planning such a bill!

What’s the real “Plan”? Organized chaos! The GOP leadership is being “boxed in” by its commitment to move forward on its desperate move to renew the Bush tax cuts before year’s end. If they go ahead with this “Deal” its original intention will be unrecognizable in outcome. Agreements are already in motion to include a full laundry list of unrelated items – at great added cost and with no revenue plans to pay them. These include but are not limited to a staggering unfunded entitlements and, literally dozens of “pork” deals to “sweeten the deal.”

The “Pact” is also being used against US – in the Omnibus bill (2011 set budget.) An outraged Sen. Coburn (OK) rightly pointed out that the House passed version of this budget is none other than STIMULUS 3 in disguise, at a cost of over $1 Trillion dollars. For starters, its “freezes” Federal spending at 2010 levels would double the already crippling and record breaking deficit. As already passed by the House, this Omnibus includes $16 million dollars for IRS expansion and $4 million in CDC funding to begin immediate enforcement of ObamaCare.

The truth is this “crisis” on tax rate expiration was planned in advanced – to serve as a final “trigger” for the collapse of the U.S. economy and Constitutional law. The past 2 year’s agenda of spend, spend, spend was always a set-up for this one final push over the cliff.

This “emergency” Lame Duck deal-making is bogus and could bring US to a point of no return. This is a planned set-up to break US once and for all. Here’s the real deal: Rush through one last sweep of “urgent” legislation – compiled and processed without proper procedures in the rule of law. Get enough Congressmen and Senators to buy into this plan. Use it to rush through the need for more fiat money. Once the “deal” is sealed the rest of the Progressive package – without Republican opposition (amnesty, food control,START treaty, etc. under cover of other bills.) Then use the Presidential commission to force “necessary tax increases” and Social Security revisions. (See background facts of this pre-determined, intentional “emergency action” in italics at bottom of post.)

Wake Up America Movement reported in January ’08 that the House and Senate, at the same time, passed a “Bill” Shell for the coming 2 years. 

Called S1-S10 this PLAN got NO media coverage. It set forth the framework for a Progressive agenda! Plus every item in its contents ended with:
“and for other purposes.” Amnesty, “health care” student loan take-overs, diminished civil liberties, expanded FED controls and bureaucracies were all set up from the start! It was known from the get- go that  these new initiatives added up to unprecedented unsustainable expense! S10 – the last of these shell bills suddenly contradicted S1-S9  by demanding legislation to “restore fiscal responsibility.”

What’s at stake: Sealing the “Tax Deal” – plus the Stimulus 3 Omnibus – swiftly sails through the balance of the Progressive agenda before ending this session – if the GOP go along with a “compromise!”

Where are the promises to curb the Fed, cut costs & be transparent? The U.S. cannot afford another “Stimulus” failure. The Obama administration is already claiming that the GOP will agree to anything – “as long as their rich friends get tax breaks.”

If Republicans go along with this “deal” they will be blamed in 2012. Support a single issue tax cut bill in January instead! The above facts aren’t just sad. They spell economic disaster.

Let D.C. know now that we’re onto their tricks – before it becomes next to impossible for the new Congress to undo these travesties. As soon as the “Tax Deal” is cut – and the Omnibus passes the Senate, bills for amnesty, food controls, a binding treaty will slide through – under cover of “urgent” military expenses, sympathetic veterans “assistance” and other unrelated titles. If we let this happen, our “hopes” for the new Congress will be shackled in nearly insurmountable chains – by the same tactics and travesties of lawlessness that have characterized the 111th Congress start to finish.

What’s even worse? The GOP is then doomed in 2012 and the Progressive agenda – as planned – stays in permanent power!

If the GOP go along with this rush of last minute legislation – all “piggybacked” as soon as the Trojan Horse Tax Deal is agreed – the Republican party will be blamed (just as Bush was originally) for the consequences of this final destructive Stimulus. The Progressives & R.I. N. O.’s will have “kept their promises” to their legions of special interests, expanded Fed work-force plus “underprivileged” minions – living on entitlements – who will then come out in full force to re-elect Obama! Rep. Michelle Bachmann (a tax attorney in background) recommended instead a straight vote on the tax cuts in early January – which would be retroactive to the 1st of the year.

How can we save our future? Tell the GOP “Just say NO deal!”

Take A Stand!

MAKE YOUR VOICE heard in D.C. Now – with this straightforward message:

1. We Want A Single Issue bill on the Tax Cuts when the new Congress opens

2. We do NOT want a Progressive Omnibus funding ObamaCare & other Earmarks

3. We want legislation that is not rushed and hidden from view – using “urgency” as an excuse. We see where that’s gotten US so far and it must stop right NOW!

4. Not only are we willing to wait until January. We INSIST all GOP – and moderate DEMS – vote NO on these deals or we will hold them accountable. And the GOP leadership MUST FULFILL their promise to block all other Lame Duck legislation PERIOD! Then a real Tax Cut extension, sounder budget and other serious issues can be taken up sensibly and more honestly by the new Congress!


Switchboard Calls to Congress: 866-220-0044
Send FAXes: http://www.ciausa.net/ (Custom fax at link’s bottom of page.)
Action Tools: Direct Contact Lists for House members & more



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