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Rahm Emanuel isn’t “running” for mayor in Chicago, he’s play-acting a campaign until he’s sworn in. Chicago politics could be the most corrupt in the country. Ever since I was a little girl, the phrase “Chicago Machine” was a household term. I understood that Chicago was Democrat and that the connection between the party and the city was not questioned. The elder Mayor Daley ran the city the way he and his cronies wanted and that was that. Dead people voted to make sure we maintained the status quo. It was a joke we laughed at but accepted because Richard J. Daley WAS Chicago. When he died on December 20th in 1976 (he was so much a part of our lives that I can remember where I was and what I was doing–I was newly married and buying a Christmas tree), it was a shock to everyone. I was ignorant enough about politics to have a concern that the city would fall apart. And for a few years, other mayors were elected for brief periods. Eventually, his son, Richard M. Daley was elected and the Chicago Machine was running along just fine, thank you…the rest is history. Until now. The “unsinkable” Barack Obama, a political product of Chicago Machine politics, rose to power on the backs of naive Americans, worshiping ethnicity and the cheating thuggery that IS Chicago. ACORN, Obama’s mainstay of support was able to register the dead, Disney characters and those with double identities to help get him the votes. Contributions rolled in from foreign sources through a loophole in the system. And again, the rest is history, a sad history of the Chicago Machine corruption extending itself to Washington (nothing new for Washington, but just a new twist on the old depravity).

The recent birth of the Tea Party, the American grassroots group of millions that has risen up out of a sleeping majority, has awakened us to how bad our country’s politics really are: Thank you Mr. Obama for that wake-up call. We’ve watched the revolving door of debauchery with our “Liberals Gone Wild” presidency including, among other things, the trampling of our constitution to get anything and everything on the progressive wish list. And in walks Rahm Emanuel: the poster child of the new radical far left liberal. And make no mistake he WILL be our next mayor. Through a lot of twists and turns, Emanuel was able to establish his claim to residency in Illinois. It was a channel changer watching the charade on television…as if he wouldn’t win that one to win this one. Chicago politics at its finest.

Rahm and Baum

Like Quinn’s win for Illinois governor even though every county except Cook voted majority for Brady, when the votes seemed to be close, the Democrat party miraculously “found” the extra votes needed—they all just happened to be in Chicago where disenfranchised voters abound:

“This year marks the first Illinois election that any registered voter can cast their ballot by mail, no excuses necessary. Even as the deadline for those ballots to be postmarked nears, problems are brewing.” Well, who would think that? “An Illinois county election official is telling the ABC 7 I-Team that thousands — potentially hundreds of thousands — of voters who are expecting a ballot sent to them by mail may be disenfranchised. Chicagoan Rosia Carter is one of 404,000 registered Illinois voters who recently received vote-by-mail requests that were sent by the Illinois Democratic Coordinated Campaign. ‘By the time I filled it out and sent it in, my vote would not get counted,’ Carter said. … The Lake County clerk received a shipment of 500 ballot requests from the IDCC Tuesday. By law, her office has two days to process the ballot requests. The problem is, Thursday is the deadline for election officials to get the ballots out.” People are simply being denied the chance to vote in Illinois.

Quinn’s recent 66% increase of Illinois taxes at a time when we have close to 10% unemployment and an economy deep in recession not only makes a mockery of his campaign promises but pushes Illinois further down the path of decline.

And Illinois and the country slide down the slippery slope of Chicago thuggery and skulduggery.

No matter how you slice it, Rahm will be our next major. The other candidates have been dropping like flies. And Emanuel’s win will be another step on the golden ladder for Obama’s 2012 run along with the announcement of Richard M. Daley’s brother for White House Chief of Staff. So now we will have an Obama-link in the mayor seat, another in the governor seat and a state close to bankruptcy. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours (all on the working back of Americans).

And “The Chicago Machine goes to Washington” adds another chapter as we tumble headlong into the 2012 campaigns.