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SPEAKER BOEHNER: WE DO NOT WANT COMPROMISE. We know that Obama does not have the backbone to make the necessary cuts.The American people who possess at least half a brain would have been thankful with a government shut-down–it’s not like it’s never happened before or several times a year during holidays. It was our lawless president who was adamant that pay for our troops was merely a “distraction.” How can our conservative leaders have promised a $100 Billion reduction of the debt and come away with only $38 Billion (and even that number is questioned)? I am beginning to wonder, as a caller into Rush wondered, if the Rinos are in cahoots with the Liberals and the take-down this week was of the fundamentals of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is the only group that has thus saved the Republican party but if they raise the debt limit, I think those days are over.

From RedState.com

Any honest reckoning of the budget deal the House GOP appears to have reached must view it as a result of negotiations in which one side — the Democrats — believed they had the upper hand, and the other — the GOP — agreed……..To paraphrase Maggie Thatcher, the story of modern democracies is the left’s consistent turning of a screw into our collective gut, and when the right takes power, we don’t unscrew, we just hold the screw in place while we bleed to death.

We are so afraid of the knife the libs always stick in our gut that we cave and cave and cave again. WE had the upper hand, WE had the support of the people but WE didn’t have the fortitude to take it like a true conservative and let the libs do the falling. And they would have fallen before the next battle of the debt ceiling. Now they know our leaders are so afraid of the leftist mouthpiece media (who will NEVER support our cause), they will sacrifice the country to save face with the almighty ruling class.