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Bin Laden’s demise, to most of us, was a long awaited victory. Like the death of Kennedy, Princess Diana and other major world events, we remember where we were and what we were doing the time and day the towers fell killing over 3,000 innocent Americans. We have a president who, having given the assent for Osama Bin Laden’s (OBL) death, is still trying to appease his radical Islamic mourners while at the same time trying to take credit for the military operation and using it as a campaign tool.

No matter that this victory was never attributed to the last 10 years of CIA intelligence, the hard work of former President Bush and the bravery of Navy Seals “Team 6” (who, by the way was the same team that was derisively called Cheney’s Death Squad)

As for the Seals, per the emerging Obama Doctrine they can be heroes or villains, depending on who is giving the orders. In the raid against bin Laden’s compound, which incidentally violated the territorial sovereignty of a country supposedly our ally, Obama used the very Navy Seal team that some of his supporters have called “Dick Cheney’s personal assassination squad.” But now that we have actual evidence of an assassination, one ordered by Obama and not Cheney, the Seals are heroes to the anti-military ultraliberals.

We have Obama’s directive toward the meticulousness of OBL’s burial according to Islamic custom. And on the heels of the OBL operation, his new mission for Nasa to reach out to the Muslim world (now that his destruction of the economy will prevent any further space travel), along with several other attempts at pacification of the sect.
This insults our citizens who time and time again since this man took office, have been subjugated to actions which show his abject hatred of this country.

Some things never change…

What WON’T change now that OBL is dead:
1.) To our country’s peril, the military intelligence that led to his death is no longer gathered (despite the White House’s claim of a “treasure trove” of intelligence collected at OBL’s compound.) “Pretty please” just doesn’t cut it when you are interrogating murderers.
2.) The media’s propensity to “cover” for Obama, ignore any facts that don’t compliment him and coddle his administration with questions that would not be challenging to a 5 year old—will not change.
3.) The lousy economy, of which Obama is the architect, despite his attempts to continue to blame the former administration, marches down the path of doom for America.

It might be technically true that his Presidential Administration inherited it, but he himself did not. No, he created it. Before being elected President Barack Obama was a Senator in a party that controlled both houses of Congress with a lame duck President. From 2006-present, the economy has faltered increasingly. However, the big crash happened while he was a senator at a time when Congress ruled the land (ie a lame duck Presidency). Yes, President Bush still had some power, but the majority of power was with the Democratic Party-controlled Congress; with Senator Obama’s Congress. Add to that the fact that President Bush was unusually catering to Pres-elect Obama after the November election, and not only did Bush consult with Obama, but at Obama’s urging he authorized the bailouts for insurance company AIG, for car corporations, and for the $700 billion TARP fiasco. Obama himself URGED the first $700 billion, the deficit “his administration” inherited was created by a budget that he and his party created in Congress just prior to his election as President.

No, Obama did not inherit the bad economy. He created it, and shame on him for misrepresenting its origin by sly wording rather than honest and genuine admission of mistakes. Bush had enough mistakes to take responsibility for, and the time for scapegoating passed when millions of Democrats (filled with the spirit of hope, change, and bi-partisan unity) booed the figurehead of 46% of the nation as his helicopter left the Inauguration.

4.) Gas prices won’t change either:

Even though gas prices had bounced up and down and were on the decline in May 2010 after the oil spill, prices have shot up in the past year. Gasoline cost $2.73 per gallon when Obama instituted his sixth-month moratorium on deepwater and shallow drilling on May 30, 2010. Prices are now more than a dollar-a-gallon higher. Pump prices have more than doubled since Obama took office in January 2009.

And the unlawful moratorium on drilling remains in place.

“After two federal courts said the moratorium was illegal, the Obama administration instead moved to a de facto moratorium, by issuing no permits, while speeding up the permitting process for wind farms,” The Heritage Foundation wrote back in December 2010.

5.) Obamacare remains as the country’s largest predication of a failed America.

Obamacare is the most sweeping single piece of social policy legislation in the nation’s history, and the very real and legitimate fears of a government take-over of our health sector caused millions of people to take to the streets in protest. Opposition to the new health law was the most important reason that voters elected conservatives to office in record numbers last fall….But the law is very-much in force, steaming toward us with hundreds of billions of dollars in new and higher taxes, job-killing mandates on businesses, crushing costs for the states, and creation of two massive new entitlement programs. The cost of this new law will be astronomical and will crush not only our health sector but our economy and will rob us of precious freedom.

Those who continue to live with their heads in the sand, ignoring all that is happening around them, celebrate our president as a hero while oblivious to the boiling cauldron in which they sit. Since the celebrated death of Bin Laden, little else has changed but since Obama took office, much has changed… that will end America as we know it.