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From WAM: Wake Up America Movement

This sums up Representative Michelle Bachmann’s Presidential bid to date: First, they ignored her. Then they tried ridiculing her. This week, in the peak of her efforts thus far, they moved on to sideline her completely. Romney, previously too arrogant to bother with Iowa took to the debate stage and straw poll, despite lack of diligence in campaigning in that state. His presumption to ‘inherit’ the nomination, however, seems to be fading. His debate performance, though acceptable, didn’t light any fires – and as Glenn Beck (albeit a fellow Mormon) said this week, “he’s a nice guy but I don’t trust him.” In fact, Beck also said: “If the election were today, I’d vote for Bachmann.”

To shore up their odds, the traditional establishment threw in in Rick Perry, their latest lure following Huntsman, who’s already risen and fallen. Perry, backed by slickly staged, well coordinated multimedia promotions, did all he could to steal Bachmann’s thunder. And his bombardment of major highly favorable media attention’s likely to continue, despite the flaws and contradictions in his actual record.

Bachmann claimed an impressive victory in the Iowa straw poll nonetheless. This fact, alone, deflates the media’s incessant reminders that only one House member has ever won the Presidency. After all, no House member has ever won the Straw Poll at all before now. And this time two of them came out way ahead!

Pawlenty seems to be hanging in the wind, neither engendering much enthusiasm in the traditional fold nor the Tea Party. Ron Paul, as anticipated placed well in the Straw Poll, but rumor has it that since any one with a paid ticket can vote repeatedly, if they have paid tickets, Paul’s long-term grass roots coordination accounts for his placement more than it indicates much real growth of public interest in his campaign. Few expect Paul to land an RNC nod and his debate stance on Iran (give them the nuclear bomb because they won’t use it anyway) will do little to broaden his base.

In overview of current GOP candidates, it’s a fair bet that once Paul, Santorum and Caine are out of the race, much of their support could logically shift to Bachmann. And totaling those combined percentages into her one column would be impressive. Yet the lengths to which the establishment with its bought and paid for media influencers will go, in order to defeat Bachmann, can’t be underestimated.

Covert efforts to undercut the Tea Party Caucus leader’s popularity has underpinned nomination coverage from all directions of late. Examples of this combined, if sometimes subtle attack include hype about potential ill health. Never mind that her reputed headaches don’t compare to FDR’s infirmity or JFK’s excruciating back problems. Next came the grab to activate the gay lib base with the ‘scandal’ of the candidate’s husband’s anti-gay lifestyle counseling work. Along with the ‘unscrupulous’ acceptance of Federal funds for her parent’s farm. Not to mention the imbecilic debate question asking if she is ‘submissive’ to her husband. And not accidentally timed to the Iowa events, was the inglorious “Queen of Rage” Newsweek cover. The latter is most amusing as it may have actually generated a backlash effect. Even NOW (the lib National Organization of Women) critiqued that outrageously unflattering magazine cover.

Compared to Palin who, while still having a big following and commanding public attention, was permanently damaged by media attacks, Bachmann career and personal life appear to offer little fodder to the forces that are out to get her. So her ‘negatives’ are not likely to reach a comparable level. If she had missed a few votes,ascribed by the press to a headache, how does that compare with a President whose state and national service in office have broken records for absenteeism and voting ‘present”? Given a choice between a President who could have a headache now and then with the current Chief Executive who is frequently ‘missing in action’ due to golf outings, lavish vacations, incessant demands for prime-air time admonitions of everyone else and tax payer funded self promotions, Americans may not be as stupid as the media would like us to imagine us.

In view of the big picture seems the Tea Party finally has the establishment running scared and circling the wagons. FOX, this week, which usually aims to balance its appeal to reform activists and GOP standard bearers, went all out to bury Bachmann coverage, preferring to tout Perry’s forthcoming announcement in an attempt to supplant him as a Tea Party hero. A demonstration that news stations no longer bother with fact finding or background checks before they blurb and buckle to the big bucks.
Even boyish Bret Baier stooped to thinly veiled disrespect, chiding Bachmann for arriving late on stage at Thursday’s debate – despite a prior agreement not to proceed until all candidates were present.

Despite nonexistent to negative coverage, then, how did Bachmann manage nearly a third of the Straw Poll votes? One savvy Iowan stated, after poll results came in that, more than any other factor, Iowans look for sincerity in a candidate. Just maybe the rest of America’s voters are starting to consider integrity a bottom-line issue as well. If so, Bachmann may continue to rise.

Other Factors that could make Bachmann an attractive choice to oppose Obama:

She was right about the debt deal and stuck to her guns on refusing it support
Her record is internally consistent with her public statements (not so of the other candidates)
Her fundraising success is well proven (far ahead of others in garnering 2010 elections support)
She has demonstrated calmness and courtesy in response to criticism and cynicism
Her courage in leading the Tea Party Caucus for reforms, which cost her a House leadership position, has instead, launched her to a race for the land’s highest office.
She has experience in small business challenges, the burdensome complexity of the tax codes and also knows her way around Capitol Hill
She has a personal history of religious conviction not motivated by opportunism for public favor.

Will Bachmann’s star continue to rise? That could depend on the enthusiasm, stability and growth of the Tea Party itself. This broadly based, non-contiguous movement for serious reform with adherence to the Constitution has continued to silently supersede the ‘Independent’ voter bloc as a critical third force in national politics – with no help nor credit from the media or party line politicians. As long as we continue our own due diligent research, share information strategically, rise above the lure of divisive grievances and see through the trappings of mainstream media appeals, Bachmann (or another as well credentialed and well intentioned) will do just fine. So far, the only ‘other’ so fit would be Rep. Mike Pence (who’s been diverted into running for IN governor instead) or another truly honest man. As Diogenes learned, that’s like looking for a needle in the haystack.

Ironically, if it’s taken a woman to ‘man up’ to the critical issues we face as a nation, that won’t be bad for the female vote (except for the likes of Emily’s list.) Catholics and Evangelicals could turn out for Bachmann as well. Not only Iowans, but other Midwestern states, could go her way – along with the rural vote at large. A choice of running mate could influence some of the Latino or African American vote. As for the youth vote, with more states legislating Voter ID laws and the high level of youth unemployment, Democratic activism in that sector is dampened in any case.

Still concerned about Bachmann’s ‘viability’? Can you picture a President Bachmann cow-towing to Arab leaders? Petulantly commandeering Congressional leaders to the White House on Sunday morning? Demanding endless prime-air time to instill fear in the public and berate US all, with a laundry list of critiques on our government and our peoples? Misspeak the number of U.S. states and mispronounce the Marine Corps as ‘corpse-men’? Be incapable of speech without a tele-prompter? Use government funds and Air Force One to wisk her husband off on glamorous outings? Be unable to listen and unwilling to answer reasonable questions? Hand out iPods as gifts to Heads of State? And last, but far from least: Wait nearly four days to publicly comment on a historic down-grade of our nation’s credit status? Not likely!

It would, after all, be just desserts, if Obama’s appalling, undeserved and unexamined rise to power boomeranged – at last – to such an ‘extreme’ that a Midwestern woman with no more to go on than her genuine passion and ethics, common sense and hard work were to move him right out of the White House!